Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank You Republica...

On Fridays, my guff-suff gets published @ The Week, Republica ko Friday edition..... but from this week onwards, the editor saheb (The Week) has kindly informed me that unless I use my 'real' name , them guffs suffs won't be entertained rey.

I don't blame him.... his boss, the 'thulo' editor (Republica ko) now wants all them pseudonyms wallah to use their 'nagarikta' ko naam saam rey! So he can't really say no to his boss ni... anyways no hard feelings.... it was fun writing my blogumn (the editor says that's what its called!) and would like to thank all them hawties and nawties @ The Week / Republica for letting me share my jpt guffs with them readers.

What's in a name? I don't know... better go ask Shakespeare hola.... but the reason I don't want to use my real name is because it was supposed to be a column by Guffadi... some guy who has nothing better to do but write hawa-tari guffs hehe!

Even my parents don't know that I am Guffadi and a few of my friends suspect it's me... but I am not going to publish it under my 'real' name because I don't want to have my hensum photo and personal email address plastered on them dailies.... I want to be anonymous because I am not as hensum as CK Lal... hehe!

I don't know why Republica decided to change their policy but nevertheless, I am grateful to them for publishing my crap. Before Republica, the editor @ Nepali Times published my stuff ... so I would like to thank him and Kunda Dixit dai for getting my guff even though them sophisticated readers @ NT were mad at them for publishing such guffs... hehe!

Thanks Nepali Times and Republica .... them $$$ I made from them guffs... I send it to Dolpa to a bhai who runs a local school there... and I will continue to donate 4K a month to him even though I won't be getting extra pocket money for my guffs...hehe!

I am just happy folks like my guffs and some don't ... I write every day because I have a bet with my friend in DC, who has promised to buy me a 'Khasi' this Dashain if I write until Oct 2nd, 2011 (one year pugcha kya!).

Yes, sorry to disappoint some of you but I write because I want a Khasi .... and since I have turned vegetarian (it's been a month now!), I will probably adopt it and the 'Khasi' will be our local football team ko mascot abuh!


  1. hey!
    really disappointed about republica's decision and i'm going to miss the fun if your guffs don't get printed..... and i'm a new kid on the blog and would do anything for attention so i'm literally asking for help with established bloggers as yourself!

  2. Congratulations Guffadi.. (oopss.. aba ta we will know ur name :P)

    wil b waiting for more of ur post!

  3. Its ridiculous coz i suppose one can choose to make it as anonymous ni..raamro bolne saacho bolne haru ta wanted bhai haalchan ni yo desh maa..underground nai basne ho Guffadi ji bt u kno wats best fo u ni..plz dont stop writing. Your blog helps me to stay positive a looot. At least there is sum1 lyk u pani!! Flirt gareko haina ni saachai bhaneko! :)

    Best Regards

  4. Kya bore! It was really great reading your article on the paper.
    Nepaliketi lai ni bye bye garyo ki keh?
    Aba republica ko readers sure(hola) gahte si feri call back garchan hola ni tah.

    Anyway hope u still get the khasi coz today is sept4 and no post on sept3. :)

  5. hi Guffadi, please let me know if i can be of any help. to continue the good deed you have started. republica or no republica, those children should get an education :)

  6. i love reading ur blogs, sadly i haven't read any of ur stuff in republica, i barely read the papers :s but yea really whats in a name, i wonder too. I hope the writing continues even after u get ur khasi :P

  7. I hope the writing continues even after u get ur khasi

    Amen to that :)

  8. I am your one hell of a fan dai!
    Just keep on writing!!
    because if you don't.. no one else will!! :)
    Best wishes!
    I buy TKP on saturdays to read your post.. tara I'd rather read it here on this blog too.. to share with my friends.. I hate typing by reading from the news paper..
    You should get a qr code printed on the newspaper k.. advertise your blog from the news paper.. ani get ads and stuffs.. :)
    maybe you could also add a few more bloggers up here if you wish.. :)
    anyways.. please keep us entertained! :)

  9. @Arjan... thanks for your suggestions ... thinking about ads in the future.. kunai charity lai dinuh milcha...