Thursday, September 22, 2011

Break Up Again....

Matrika Yadav, the 'Slapping' former mantri quit Mao Inc. because he was not happy with Prachandoo Sarkar's nautanki nataks. He went on to form his own party kyaaruh. Abuh tyo pani split hoo-dai cha!

One day, Matrika dai will have no one but himself as a party member of the Maoist Party (Matrika) hola... tyes pachi afai chairperson, afai sabai position liney ni...hehe!

I feel sorry for Matrika dai. He was our 'Rajnikanth' .. he would go around slapping them sarkari hakims, and it wasn't because they didn't give him a vehicle or didn't treat him right unlike them other madeshi leaders who are now enjoying the greatest 'loot-fest' in the history of Nepal kyaaruh!

Matrika just didn't like lazy bums. He would ask them sarkari hakims to do a job and they would be like "Whatever... I don't care" and then he would drive to their offices and show them some hand to hand combat skills.. hehe!

Matrika is a true 'Madeshi' warrior. Upendra Yadav is not. If you want to be a neta then you have to follow the 'Upey' formula. Once a maoist then a 'Madeshi Forum' wallah ... he's been our Foreign Minister and he has traveled to more countries than any other Nepali hola... and hope he has updated his Facebook albums pani. Ghoom-ghaam ko photo shoto rakhney ni!

It's the same with other political parties pani. Even the Kangaroos seem to be heading for another breakup. Well, they broke up before, then patched up and now they seem to be heading for another breakup hehe!

Sher B. Deuba is ready to go his own away... because he is in a hurry to be the team captain of the Kangaroos but them old men have no plans to abdicate any time soon.

But Sheroo will be here with us for a long tyam because he follows the 'GP' formula. Share the loot, keep your chamchas happy and they will always back you up ... no matter what.. yestai cha yeha ko chalan!

And the UML losers would be better off if they broke up but they really don't have any money rey. Maybe KP Oli should form his own party because he seems to be the only Eh-Maley who is making billions while the rest of them comrades have already crossed their credit limit at the local liquor store rey.. hehe!

Yes, most of them mundrey goondas (Youth Force wallahs) are all KP Oli's babies. Jhallu Baba is the only guy who actually won the election while them Oli, Makune and other jackasses couldn't even convince their own gaun-leys to vote for them.

And everybody wants Mohan Baidya to give Prachandoo the finger and form his own band. That would help the other chor-daakas and our friends in India as well. But Baidya wouldn't want to break up the party because Prachandoo has all them muscles and the money. Lastuh ma paisa ko nai khel rahecha hagi!

But them Mao-buddies are busy kicking each other's arses anyway. We already have like 3 different teams and Prachandoo always likes to change sides and bull-doze the other team so that he will always be on top. He also follows the 'GP' formula. We have to thank late Girija Prasad for showing the kids how to play the game hagi.

Maybe, Baidya should go visit Matrika in Terai and have some Lassi and form their own band. But it really doesn't make any difference... our politicians have no vision... and when there is no vision, the people perish bhancha ni!

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