Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gummy Worms...

You must have stopped eating them 'Gudpaks' and may have thought them vyar vyar momos were safer hola... but I guess it's about tyam you packed your own lunch and carried a portable water jar (boiled and filtered water from home nai!) with you!

If your office is in around Jamal area then you better stay away from them local khaja shops. Our great inspectors from DoC (Department of Commerce) did them check-shake and they found out that there ain't no chicken in chicken momo, only them skins ni... well, if you love them chicken skins then good for you but for the rest of us... yuckety yak!

And all baasi veggies in them veg momos... so don't be smriking at them chicken hawks... your veggie momos ma tuh all them koo-ye ko banda sanda. Lau na ni.. ahiley samma kay khaa-ye chan hamra daju bhai didi bahini haroo lay?

And most of them khaja ghars don't have any license and are not registered with our sarkari offices. They don't have to pay any kur-sur ... so all them money soney goes to the sahuji.. and he's probably driving around town in them Santro hehe... and he's probably eating out at Momo Magic hola ni.

I guess it's about tyam ... all our food joints had them open kitchen kya. At least you can see how your food is being prepared ni. Even them canteens at them hospitals were jhan fohor than them restaurants rey. No wonder ... even them visitors get sick (so never run down to the canteen to get a quick bite before you see your friends who are dying to get some vyar vyar momos as they get bed sores and the saw-line paani... hehe!

Bir Hospital ko canteen ma tuh .... they had some rag sag in them pickle jar. And everybody loved them achar sachar.. I guess them rags had more masala hola ni. If you ever go to them Bir's canteen then never ask for them pickles hai. Ask them to boil them black tea twice and no pickles with your chuira-chana tarkari... hehe!

And even them office ko water jars haroo pani... stay away from it because most of them companies don't wash them jars well and paani pani filter hooncha ki hoodai-nuh kay tha-ha? And if your office has 'Aqua Quality Pure' water then don't even go near it. Himalayan Spring Water is the only company you should choose hola... no it's not my brother's company nor do I have any shares wares hai.

This 'Aqua Quality Pure' brand was found to have them flies and earthworms.... so drink it unless you want some fly-worm juice natra bhaney bring your boiled-filtered water from home hai. Tyo maroo-bhoomi ma liyeruh hid-cha ni... camel skin wallah toomlet hehe!

And it's the same story with them milk silk... it's mostly water rey. Even DDC milk ma problem cha. If you are a doodh-chiya lover then buy a cow and be sure to milk her every morning at 4am for some fresh doodh! And make sure you feed her well and take good care of her pani.

The moral of the story chahi... never eat out ... doesn't matter if you have been enjoying them vyar vyar momos in front of Kathmandu Mall since 2006... one day you might just get sick and you will have a bigger worm than the size of dharahara.

You can probably call the Guinness people and maybe they will also put you in their annual world records book or something. Anyways... learn from them marwaaris.... lunch from home is better (save you some money soney) and you probably won't get sick! No more eating out.... save some money, make your mom happy and no more running to the bathroom for them pakhala crappy sappy hai!

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