Thursday, September 8, 2011

Civil Servant Day...

Baburam dai has requested our civil servants to stop corruption. If he had his way, he would probably have threatened to hang them hola ... but since we haven't yet become a one-party state, it's pretty tough to kick them sarkari hakims arses ni.

What went wrong with our sarkari karmachariz? Well, we might have to blame our great Hawaldar, late GP babu-wa for that ni. Twenty years ago, we thought things would change for the better but them Congressis decided to politicize them bureaucracy and now our civil servants all belong to them political parties and whoever is in power tend to fill up them posts with their own cadres ni.

And if you don't kiss them netas arses then you are transfered to Rolpa and Dolpa. Well, if you were a great trekking buff then it would be fun hagi but most of our civil servants don't like walking or working pani.

As our sarkari chors celebrated 'Civil Servant Day' today, Dr. Saheb asked them corrupt clowns to be professional, transparent and keep their services up to date rey. He also warned them fools that the government will be introducing them strict policy to check on them clowns.

Our civil servants are very professional. Have you ever been to them sarkari offices? Your papers won't be approved because the hakim saheb is not in the office. You wait for like three hours and he or she still doesn't show up. 'Khoi , ek chin bahira nik-loo-noo bhaako ho kyaaruh.'

And them hakims all have them SUVs and they are never in the office. Abuh free ride ruh fuel tuh kharcha garnai paryo ni. So all day long, they drive around the city, visiting them mantris, byaparis and talk business sleaziness ... while our files get stuck in their offices and you have set aside like 2-3 days for running around here and there to get your things done.

If you try to talk about your rights and go crazy then your kaam saam will never be done. You have to walk around , handing chiya-kharcha to them clowns and only then will they do their work.

And they are very transparent as well. Don't be a hater hai.. just because them sarkari hakim sahebs have big houses and their kids act like their parents were Shree Tin Maharajas.

Nearly all of them sold their ancestral properties back home in them villages and tyehi paisa lay ho kya Kathmandu ma thula thula ghar shar bana-ko! One or two hakims get to go to jail for them corruption nataks but aroo hajar-au chahi having fun as usual.

Thanks to this so-called transitional period, our CDOs are busy distributing them development budget to them local leaders of them political parties and keeping some pocket change for him or herself as well. Abuh if they don't do this then them party leaders will make sure that CDO saheb gets transfered to some pencil-pushing job somewhere in Siberia!

We have seen all them netas and none of them have really worked to reform our civil service. Instead, they have been busy placing their own chamchas and cadres in them senior positions and them hakim saheb contribute crores to them party funds.... abuh favor tuh return garnai paryo ni.

A friend of a friend of mine is a director in one of them PEs.. NEA mai ho. He is a UML supporter rey and if he wants to stay on them job sob, then he will have to pay them party leaders. And he is now busy running around collecting dineros from NEA employees, promising them better posting etiyaadi.

Our Home Minister is busy meeting them police officials these days. And we should not blame him rey... abuh police-wallah haroo nai uha ko ghar ma bhetna aucha... ani kay garos tuh hagi?

He will probably make 10-20 croroes by the tyam his tenure ends after three months. And all them corrupt police-wallahs will get promoted or transfered to ghoos khanaw pauney thau sau.

This is what democracy is about ni... if our netas don't make money from them civil servants then their own cadres and party members will ditch him or her and that would be the end of one's political career ni.

And our civil servants have to make money from us, poor jantas because if they don't pay them netas then they won't be hakim sahebs someday and lastuh ma yeta uta garyo, janta ko paisa lay nai moaz masti garney tuh ho ni ... yee sabai daka haroo lay.

So... happy 'Civil Servant' day to our sarkari karmachaaris and especially to them union leaders who do no work at all and also stop them 'honest' hakims from doing any work. We have no one to thank but our netas for screwing up everything and instead of being public servants, they have become our pompous masters and they will continue to loot, boot and shoot us until we wake up one day and smell the Bagmati river.

Then what? Ask Mr. Regmi to open a political party 'Nepal Slappers Party' and go on a slapping-binge all over the nation kya. Harek din jha-pawd khada khada ek din tuh abuh pugyo malai, muh chahi kaam nai garchoo bhanchan ki yee civil servants ruh neta haroo lay?

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