Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves...

Baburam is a son of a peasant and he really doesn't like them presents from them byaparis or other arse-kissers. He won't even try to make a few Rupees more from the bhatta he receives as a Prime Minister.

I hope you must have noticed by now that this is the only man (hope someday we will have a woman!) whom I address as our Prime Minister and not 'Prime Monster'.... and even if them so-called newspaper columnists and chor-netas make fun of him for his so-called 'publicity stunts'.. I give this son of a farmer... a big arse A+.

Yes, Baburam should have gone on national TV and comforted us with his dui sabda when we felt all the shaking instead of driving straight to the airport without saying 'tata' to all of us ni but it's okay... at least he didn't speak like a jackass like our Home Minister who asked his God (some Desi in Delhi!) to send them quakes to the Kuireys!

Baburam Daktaar Saheb has deposited Rs 1.76 lakhs to the earthquake relief fund. No, it's not his own money... poor guy, he has only 4 lakhs in the bank kya. Tyo paisa was his allowance for his UN trip paid for by the taxpayers ni.

He didn't deposit them travel cheques in his personal bank account like our other clowns. Dr. Saheb also deposited Rs 38,105, provided by his teacher and Rs 1.1 lakhs given to him by some NRN in Amrika.

Baburam is a funny man. While the rest of them chors are busy looting left and right, he is trying to save us a penny here and there. But it adds up ni!

We have ambassadors who steal them dead migrant's insurance money. We have ministers like Sujata who spent crores of Rupees for shopping in Orchard Road, Singapore while her father was dying and then billed it as medical sedical kharcha for our great hawaldar... laaz naw-bhaw-yeko naka chari!

And now we hear that another Maoist mantri was involved in the murder of some Hindu organization ko Don in Birgunj. Poor Baburam... he has more gangsters in his cabinet... chor nai chor haroo ko bich-ma euta sadhu... hehe!

But of course, if you are a Maoist or a Madeshi cadre then you can get away with anything ni. Yeeni haroo ko din ho.. jati khanoo cha khaa ... bajiya haroo!

Ani hamro Prachandoo sarkar is busy spending them nights at them resorts with his Mrs. and our crown prince.

I don't know why Prakash dai still tags along with his father. C'mon ... grow up man. Or maybe our current King is worried that his son might hang out in Thamel and try to hit on them Kuire-nis by presenting his business card.

Yes, this is no guff.... he really wants a 'kuire-ni' girlfriend rey. Well, according to our sources, Prachandoo uncle is worried about his son. He might just get drunk and pass out near Sanchaya Kosh Building and somebody might take a picture of him rey.

And the bloke is already married twice.. abuh third tyam chahi lucky hooncha bhaney ruh hola ni... but I hear he's a little too shy rey kya.. when it comes to them guff-suff with the kuire-nis. Guffadi's advice chahi.. tyehi ho... don't worry about your accent, just speak slowly and enunciate .. hehe!

And Prakash dai, please delete them stupid pictures from your Facebook albums, especially the ones where you are holding them automatic assault rifle sifle kya. Baroo invest in some telecom and give us high speed internet access and you can also update your Facebook status ali chado ni... photo haroo chitto upload hooncha ni!

Tyo 'look at me .. I am a Rambo!' natak is not really going to impress them ladies ... only if you try to hook up with a kuire-ni from Montana who loves to hunt sunt hola ... hehe!

And even with them relief package natak, we all know that the Home Minister and his chamchas will dole out crores to their own cadres while the real victims will get a Rupee or two.

How come them stupid cadres get 10 lakhs when they die in them bandh sandh or other nataks while them earthquake victims get only a lakh Rupees? Khoi... ki hami sabai lay euta party ko membership liney ho ki... it's better than buying them life insurance kya.

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