Friday, September 30, 2011

No Tea Party...

Every year, our two old school parties organize them tea receptions during Dashain but it looks like this year, both the Congressis and the Eh-Maleys are planning to save a few lakhs by not serving tea and biskoots to them cadres, guests and criminals... hehe!

The Nepali Congress won't be doing the chiya-paan karyakaram because Kishunji passed away this year and the UMLs really don't have any dough rey. They tell us that they are renovating their building shilding ... chiya piu-nuh tuh bato ma basey pani hooncha kya.I think KP Oli should pay for them chiya party because all them mundrey goondas send their monthly bheti to KP Dada ni.

What about them Maoists? Well, the only political party to have tons of money and muscles love to do it in style kya. Their event management gurus spend like crores for them events. And it's not only them byaparis and school teachers who have to contribute voluntarily but they also get pocket kharcha from the state as well.

Last time, they had them 'jamboree' at Gorkha, the government spent like 10 crores for them bato ghato and temporary housing and what not. Yestai ho.... janta ko paisa nai khaaney tuh ho ni! Jungle batuh Sahar.. Wai Wai batuh Whiskey... hare-dai jau kay kay natak garcha yee-ni haroo!

Anmol catering used to be the official food-wallah for them Congressi events but they were found to have used sadeko, galeko stuff ... so maybe arko choti chahi... our Congressis will get their tiffin box from somewhere else hai.

The Madeshi Forum wallahs should organize tea parties hola... they are making tons of cash from them transferring of government employees here and there. And they are now even threatening to form their own desh.

Poor Defence Mantri Bhandari.. he's getting a lot of flak for his 'we want to break free' die-log... before it was the Maoists, and now it's the Madeshi netas ... arko choti chahi khoi kasko palo ho... nautanki natak dekhau-naw?

And our Baidya 'gang' is now going around town, burning them poot-laaz and asking for Bhandari's resignation. Sarat Singh Bhandari is not running away. He used to be a dada @ Patan Campus back in the days. He's been a mantri a thousand tyams, pahile Congressi ahiley Madeshi... so he's a player.. hehe!

Kathmandu Post seem not to like our Mao-buddies.... I don't know why... they were in love with them before but nowadays, they really like to write stories like them tabloids.

Hisila Didi wanted a new car rey because she was not happy with the vehicle provided by the PM's office.

Now, she will be happy with a Bolero instead of them SUVs rey. I don't think Hisila didi is like our Sujata auntie or Bidya didi from the UML. When she was in college, she used to be a khatara dancer and sports-wallah rey. Sujata auntie was busy drinking and partying in Germany then.

Even when Hisila didi was teaching at the Engineering Campus in Pulchowk, she used to cycle around kya.... so she should be happy with them electric-moped or something.

But she is known for poking her nose everywhere... she's been a mantri-ni a few times in the past few years and she likes to do favors for her cronis and cousins but all of them netas do it anyway ni.... I think Hisila did should just smack a few 'grumpy old men' around hola.

It's really tough to be a neta in Nepal. You have to make your chamchas happy or else... feri arko election ma they will switch sides and help your opponent win ni.

Most of them cadres are in it only for them money or jobs or some tender sender (government contracts) where they can make millions... yestai ho... if you don't keep them happy then the other person will and you will no longer be able to hang out at Reporter's Club and give your fokatey ko bhashun ni.

And once again, the government has decided to give some money to the victims of them so many andolans we have had since 2005. We had the Jana Andolan-2, the Madesh Andolan, the tharu Andolan and of course, our comrades who were killed during them so-called People's War and those who were killed by the comrades etiyaadi.

The real victims have received nothing, maybe ali ali medical kharcha but most of them so-called 'relief' packages goes to them cadres (who weren't even injured during them so-called andolans) of them political parties nai... I guess, them cadres will be having fun this Dashain while the real victims get nothing as usual.

It's the same story everywhere. Them folks who died during these andolans, be it them cadres from the political parties or the government employees or innocent folks.... their families suffer while them politicians and sarkaari hakims sip tea and high-five each other as they make them deals here and there.

Abuh November end ma ... chahi, our netas can't make them 7 or 5 or 5 point deals ... either they wrap it up or will have to do another choonab again.. feri paisa kharcha... and now we don't have a King to kick around... so blaming the monarchy won't work.

The Maoists can blame the morons (all them other political parties), the morons will blame the Madeshis .. and whom will the Madeshis blame? I don't know.. blame the martians hola ni. Ani hami chai... we should blame ourselves for putting up with these nataks over and over again.

Khoi kay garne? Dashain ma khasi khaaney, taas khelney, cell-roti banau-ney, tyes mai ramau-ney ni.

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