Saturday, September 10, 2011

Personal Slaves...

Them Armed Police Force (APF) wallahs were known as 'Girija's private guards' ... when it was first formed. Even during them so-called 'War' days... them army and Nepal police wallahs would go on them checking secking while them APF clowns would stay in their post, doing nothing.

Nowadays, our 'Armed' police are having fun collecting bribes from them jantas at them borders or guarding them foreign embassies and INGOs. And if you find them APF wallahs slacking off then just try parking your vehicle near them INGO ko office or Embassy ko gate sate.. hehe!

Our 'Rambos' will start blowing their whistles and start acting crazy. Even our Yubaraj dai got bitch-slapped by them APF guards in front of them 'American Club' ni. I think one day, we should all do them flash mob thing and just stand in front of them gates and let's see if them 4-6 APF jackasses can manhandle like 500 of us ni.

And thank you APF ko Naya IGP for doing what all them arseholes before him have done. He sent them APF folks to his brother's house to do some construction work. Them five APF personnel were supposed to be patrolling our borders and stuff but ended up as laborers for our IGP's brother hehe!

These men were busy renovating our IGP's brother's house and they had been doing this for a month rey. Salary chahi sarkar ko khaa-ney, kaam chahi IGP ko garney... bichara haroo. Our IGP says that he didn't know that them men were working at his brother's house rey.

I guess them APF personnel were tired of making a few Rupees more at the border.. so they decided that they would do some voluntary construction work for their IGP ko dai hola ni.. hehe!

Anyways, it's them same with our Nepal Police and army pani. A former Major General lives in my neighborhood. His personal slave is still a soldier serving in the Nepal Army. He gets paid by the state so that he can be our former Jur-Saap's PA ni.

And what does he do all day? Well, a year ago... he was busy driving Jur-saap's private vehicle, running around ... doing some jagga-dalali. Aakhir Jur-nail ko paisa kaahi tuh invest garnoo paryo ni! Nowadays, he is busy trying to send them former NA soldiers to Dubai Subai for them security kaam saam. Jur-nail lay manpower kholya chan kya.

And it's not only them senior police or army officers acting like Dhir Shumsher's kids... even them ration-wallahs, them contractors who bag them army/police ko contract sontract ... these buffoons also get them free security and personnel to do their house work etiyaadi.

Yestai cha.. Nepal ma... we have only changed our players and even though it's been more than 60 years since we got rid of them 'Shumshers'.... everybody (our sarkari hakims!) still want to be them 'Shree Tin Maharajas' kya.... especially them Army Generals' and Police Officers' wives... look at their hair-cut... all dolled up like them 'Maharanis' ... hehe!

But I do find them APF wallahs more disciplined and they don't swear as much as our stupid Nepal police who act like animals and are taught to swear, harass and beat public citizens during their training rey.

Them Maoists murdered IGP Krishna Mohan Shrestha and his wife. I hope Prachandoo and his comrades will one day apologize to them daughters of late IGP saheb. And our APF wallahs should honor Shrestha by doing their duty well instead of turning into Nepal Police Part II jastai kya.

Arko APF joke chahi... do you remember that Lama dai who became them IGP for like a week or two.. hehe! Well, his astrologer had told him that he had to enter them IGP ko official residence within 4 hours of being promoted to the top job. So his people called the out-going IGP ko people and asked IGP Basnet to get out of the house rey.

Ani Basnet called Lama's PA and told him... 'Tyeslai 4 ghanta vitra chir-noo bhanya cha... malai pani mero puro-hit (priest) lay arko 4 din samma yo ghar batuh naw-nik-lee-no bhanya cha bhandey bajiya lai..'

At least them army folks ko chahi... the chief gets them one month leave before he retires ni... anyways, I like the current army chief but most of them Rana-Shah-Thakuri (RST) army officers call him 'Bhariya' rey.

Yes.. today's army is much different .... unlike them days when even our Nepal Gas owner, Pashupati SJB Rana used to get his bhatta from the state as 'Nati-General' ... hehe!

Well, NA will be setting up a 'Madeshi' regiment rey.... and one day, hope we will also have a 'Madeshi' chief and if them so-called 'Shumshers' still are in the army then what will they call him .. 'Babuwa'?

So ... when Gaurav SJB Rana becomes our army chief arko barsa.... then what do we do call him 'Shree Tin' feri... ?

Nepal ma kay bhancha ni... 'Hukumi Saashun' ahiley samma chal-dai cha (abuh tuh sabai 'sarkar' ni!).... and with due respect to Janga Bahadur Rana, my one and only favorite uncle (hehe!) but why do I have to stare at Juddha dai's vow-zoo's saalik every tyam I go to the Zoo kya? A friend of mine once suggested that.. baroo Sneh (Rana) didi kai saalik banai dim naw... hehe!

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