Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Son of a Peasant...

While all them chor-netas are driving around in them SUVs and acting like sons of Dhir Shumsher... a son of a peasant is showing them clowns how he rolls kya. Finally, we have got a man in Baluwatar who will do anything to save our taxpayers money.

Baburam will be flying economy to New York City to attend them UN ko meeting greeting and he is only taking 12 delegates with him. Prachandoo sarkar took his wife and 'crown prince' Prakash dai, who also moonlighted as his computer operator...hehe!

Makune bajiya lay tuh jhan Rishi Dhamala lai po liyeruh gaa-thyo kya NYC ma tuh.... whatever happened to them 'extortion' racket Dhamala was running? I guess Dhamala knew too many 'guffs' about chor-netas hola ni. I hope one day, Dhamala will produce a movie ... hero pani afai , story pani afno ani Rekha Thapa sangaw ek dui dance number pani...hehe!

I have no idea why no one has decided to open up another 'nautanki press meet' garney thau to compete with Dhamala's 'Reporters Club' kya? No parking space and tyo sano thau ma (30 jana pani naw-ata-woo-ney)... I guess it's easier for them patrkars and TV cameramen to gather and get some news hola ni.

One day, I saw Pashupati SJB Rana in his Daura-Suruwal, hanging outside .... abuh neta haroo pani afno anoohar TV ma aucha bhaney-ruh jaan-chan kya ho Dhamala ko office ma?

I think it's about tyam somebody opened up a decent place and if they had a nice bar pani. Our patrakar folks love to drink srink ni. Not all journalists are free loaders ni feri... but all them English tabloid-wallahs haroo chai... they are either getting paid by the Chinese Embassy or them Desis.... jpt news chaapi raako hooncha ... hehe!

My favorite 'Nepali' tabloid chahi Jana Astha nai ho! Anyways, let's get back to the son of a peasant hai. My friend tells me that you can also send an email to Dr. Saheb at bhattaraibaburam@gmail.com rey.

His PA checks all them emails rey but make sure you make it short and sweet and to the point kya ... because the poor fellow has to delete like 90% of them emails (time waste bhayo ni) because folks send stupid messages like .. 'Sir, I want a job... right now!' or 'Sir, I would like to be your son-in-law!' ...hehe!

Please remember that Baburam is neither a manpower agent nor a matchmaker kya. If you want his PA to forward your message to Dr. Saheb then talk about them 'real' issues hai. If I were to send him an email then I would request him to do something about our chor-police.

Yes, our police-wallahs lai pani thik thau ma lya-u-noo paryo kya. No swearing, no hitting civilians with bamboo sticks and no drinking on duty. And them chor-police should address us as 'Sir' and 'Madam' and not the other way round ni.

Hamro paisa lay taw-lab khaney ani ulto hami lay chahi uni haroo ko gaali, laathi khaney.. yo tuh bhaye naw ni ... hoinuh ruh?

Somebody seems to have created a Facebook page for 'Guffadi' .... thanks to whoever you are... but them cartoon chahi ali badi nai muscle bhayo hola ...ani baroo euta half-pyant lagai diye hoon-thyo ni.. I look like a male stripper kya... hehe!