Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Last Ten Days....

Jhallu Baba is already packing his bags and pots and pans hola ni... and hope he's done picking a brand new SUV, as he leaves Baluwatar in the next ten days!

We have had three comrades as our 'team captain' in the last three years and we will get another one as we head to the 'final countdown' for them 'President's rule' to begin! Well, Dr. Rammy Yadav should go back to Bagdole and drink doodh-chiya if he can't make up his mind kya!

Our comrades are more interested to have them mantris in them 'paisa-waal' ministries ... and their only goal in life seems to be ..... to use them state funds for their cadres and criminals! Them bato ghato in front of Singha Durbar (Supreme Court ko cheu chau ma!) are now filled with mato and gitti... hehe!

Euta bato banau-naw naw-suck-ney lay desh banaucha ruh? This is like them Middle Ages where them nobles and lords sords..... tax them poor serfs kya! Our netas are them feudal lords and the rest of us ... tyehi serf werf nai tuh hoam ni!

All them communists talk about 'feudalism' and kay kay ni-sim.... I think they might have to go back to school and refresh their padai-sadai.... because our communists have failed us... and instead of actually doing something for them people... it's been 'pee on the people' since our 600+ clowns decided to hang out at BICC and waste our taxpayers' money, sell their diplomatic passports and what not!

Well, let's get back to Jhallu Baba! He will step down if he can't get it right in the next ten days rey. I think his 'last ten days' will pass by ... attending them art exhibitions, inaugurating them toilets, school buildings and what not!

Then he can move back to his house and then do a press conference .. blaming it all on KP Oli and Makune ... but once you are a prime-monster... then you get all them security, gaadi and bhatta satta for life kya.. so be happy Jhallu... you are set for life ni!

Obama will get two secret service agents .. tyo pani for the next ten years after he leaves office. Them Desi leaders still drive around in them 'Ambassador' gaadis... and them 'Z' security wallahs carry them machine guns but they don't drive like crazy trying to clear them bato ghato ni!

Ani hamro desh ma chahi ..... maybe Nepal Unites ko next mission should be .... make a video about how much it costs us to fund our netas haroo ko security, gaadi, bhatta satta etiyaadi!

We need our 'Michale Moore' hola ni.. hehe! I think somebody should come up with them facts and figure stuff..... sabai hisaab kitaab... will probably sell like hot cakes (better than Hermann's!) .

Let us all congratulate Jhallu Baba for finally setting some kind of a deadline.... he should have left earlier but I guess he needed some time to figure out which gaadi he wants to keep for himself once he's done being our prime-monster! Jai Hos!

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