Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bye Bye Sood....

The Desi Ambassador, Rakesh Sood has left the building. He will now eat some paani-puri in Delhi and head to France as the next Desi ambassador there. I hope the Frenchies won't be waving black flags at him like our Mao-buddies did... hehe!

So time for some caviar and foie gras and all them Frenchie wine and hey... it's party tyaam for Sood ni! Sood may have looked like a professor but when it came to them guff suff, he would just show up at Prachandoo's palace or the Prime-Monster's residence and tell our netas to get their acts together.

Our netas never liked it... but beggars can't be choosers ki kay bhancha ni. Our netas may bad-mouth India but when it comes to them funds and scholarships for their kids and chamchas... they call the Ambassador and kiss his arse kya.

And our Madeshi netas loved them Bollywood parties @ the embassy but who didn't? Whenever them Desi journalists interview our stupid netas, they answer back in Hindi. Nothing wrong with that if you know the language well but just speak Nepali and let them Desi channel translate it for their audience ni.

I once met Sood at a BBQ organized by a hotelier. I don't know how I ended up there but I saw Sood munching on them snacks.... hamro nepali ko tyehi tuh ho ni, choela, sekuwa, momo hehe! I was once asked to sit right next to Sujata auntie but I left my seat and stood near the stage because I didn't like her kya.

I don't know why I do them stupid stuff. I should have asked Sood.... Uncle-ji, how much do you dole out to our netas every month? For Sujata auntie, I would have asked her to drink more water than them whiskeys and not sleep around with marwaari businessmen.

Nothing wrong with drinking whiskeys and sleeping around hola.... but she could have done so much because she was in the position to do so ... but all she did was make billions of Rupees for her and her sin-in-law.

Anyways, hope Sood has happy memories of Nepal. And as he left, he reminded our netas that the Desis would want to see political stability and rapid economic development in Nepal rey. Maybe that's why the Desis were busy helping our Mao-buddies then and our Madeshi netas now... hehe!

And talking about economic development, India can thank the Maoists for shutting down our own factories, schools and what not ... it really helps when we spend all our money buying desi maal-samaan ni. What about the Chinese? Well, them khasa stuff are all cheap-arse disposable stuff and I don't want to eat them 'White Rabbit' anymore because tyes ma tuh kay kay chemicals haalcha rey mora haroo lay.

Our netas have made us look bad kya. Them Desis built them 'Trauma Center' right in the heart of the city and it is has yet to be operational. Either we don't have the necessary equipments or skilled medical personnel or maybe our netas and civil servants want to make some dough if they get any free equipments hola ni.

We even got them free buses and vehicles for our CA members but we decided not to use them rey. Our government give us nothing... at least the chor pancheys gave us them Sajha buses (thanks to Muarakami's uncles!) and them buses did run on time, was cheap and reliable pani!

If India really wants political stability then it should close its borders for a month hola and when we have nothing to eat (because what we produce is not enough!)... maybe we will finally be angry (as we will be hungry) and we will all rise up and slap our netas and daw-lo them kalo masi on their faces and parade them naked around the valley.

Tyeti garey raw pani sambhidhaan baney naw bhaney chahi.... sabai CA members lai Middle East ma bato khan-naw pathau-noo parla hagi!

Them Chinese gave us 108 trucks for them sanitation stuff and our municipality still doesn't know what to do with it. And it's about tyam NTC and even NCell stop buying them cheap Chinese telecom equipment kya.

100 million ko aid said diyeraw 1 billion kamau-chan ni yee Chinese daaka haroo lay pani. Yo sabai network problem is not only due to them faulty towers and load shedding nataks ni.

This is our country and them Tibetan folks have every right to protest ... but our netas are all scared of them Chinese and our police-wallahs are really jackasses and make us look like barbarians when they go on a rampage beating them nuns and monks. Kay taal ko junaglee janawar haroo hoon?

There is no such thing as free lunch except for our political cadres, civil servants and our netas. But at the end of the day, them Desis and the Dumpling wallahs are not doling out their funds because they feel sorry for us ni.... hare-dai jau... baroo these two big brothers can take our netas to either Khasa or Kasi and put them to work there baroo ki kaso? Tyesari nai paisa vasool garey hooncha ni.

We don't need them government, or our netas .... we can do without them hoinuh ruh?


  1. Soodh lai bye bye gare ni keh garnu arko 'Soodh' Aii halcha... ani dhoti haru le khana samma khancha

  2. I hate this Sood guy .......... nepal lai bigarnu bigaryo yesle ta .......

  3. One sood will go and another will come!