Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Energy Minister

Gokarna Bista, our Energy Minister must be the only bloke who seems to be drinking them 'energy' drinks hola. He is running around town, trying to do some work even though come next Saturday, he might be back home, eating dal bhat and watching them 'talent' contests on Desi channels.

Bista is the same guy who got stabbed, hit in the head and nearly run over by them mundrey goondas the night his name was announced as our new 'Energy' minister. And no it wasn't them Mao-buddies but afnai party ko (UML jackasses!) goonda haroo rey.

Bista has amended them NEA Act 1985, through our mantri mandal.... so now, them 'Energy' mantri is no longer the chairperson of No Electricity Authority (NEA). NEA loses billions of Rupees a year thanks to leakages and free vehicles and free jobs to them party cadres kyaaruh.

Some people think it's all natak but that's what politicians are good at it and we really like his 'acting' skills anyway.. because he has started a new trend srend by appointing a sarkaari hakim as the chairperson of NEA and hiring them MD through open competition ni!

He is also using them Indian SUV rather than using them Karod-ko Prado gaadi. NEA is famous for buying them 1 Karod SUVS and our great netas are busy using them vehicles as their bau ko sampati!

Our former prime-monsters like Prachandoo, Sheroo and the UML 'big mouth' KP Oli are all using them NEA ko vehicles. And Bista has now stopped them natak of buying expensive vehicles by NEA and I guess our great netas won't be calling our Bidoot-wallahs for them free gaadis hola ni.

We may not get rid of load shedding soon but if we minimize them leakages (bidoot chori sori) then our load shedding hours can be cut from them 18 hours to 6 rey. Bhaktapur wins the #1 'Choring' award and Bijukche dai's fans should be ashamed of it kya!

NEA and NOC are them two big PEs with them massive losses while them hakim sahebs ride fancy cars and build them mansions in the valley. I think them CIAA wallahs can recover them losses if all them sarkaari hakims ko ghar jagga were confiscated and sold in the open market kya.

And our great chairman, Prachandoo and his hundi-guy Krishnoo Mahara are flying to Malaysia tonight to attend them same old Chinese NGO (the 3 billion investment wallah!) ko conference.

Asia Pacific Exchange and Co-operation Foundation doesn't even have a proper office or website or whatever. And them two vice-chairmen chahi hamro Paras Dai ruh Prachoo Sarkar rey... hehe! Do we smell some 'Malekhu' ko maacha?

I think our media-wallahs should investigate further and find out why Prachandoo is always flying to Singapore or KL or even Bangkok. Last time I checked, he didn't win any bumper prizes from the corporate houses. Yes, if you buy them cement or paint or newspaper or drink beer or juice suice, you get them entry for 'free trip' to KL, BKK and Singapura kya!

Khoi.. kay ho story? I think he must have his party ko bank account in some Malaysian bank hola ni. So will they be meeting them Chinese foreign handlers or our Desi uncles again? I don't know but our politicians are good at kissing them bideshi arses for them funds sunds kya. Hope Prachandoo and Mahara have bought them 'Carmex' lip balms hola ni... hehe!

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