Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blame it on Us.....

Our political parties have their own goondas. Nepal ma bhancha ni... them dons are afraid of them cops and them cops are afraid of them netas and them netas are afraid of them dons rey.

The Pancheys had them mandaleys. Kamal Thapa, Deepak Bohra, Uttam Pun etiyaadi. Kamal dai is still going strong, playing tennis and football and singing love songs for Lord Vishnu. He still rules Hetauda... once a Dada always a Dada ni!

Deepak dai became our 'forest' mantri again... last year and he made crores again. He owns banks, hospitals and what not... and is still rules Bhairahawa.

Uttam dai used to be a mantri in them panchey days and his bank got liquidated by NRB but he hasn't paid them crores to them depositers kyaaruh. Uttam dai ko thau chahi Pokhara ho... he now owns more land than God kyaaruh.. lakeside dekhi airport samma kya.

Then we had our Kangaroos... Late Girija did DB Lama, our ex-IGP and Col. Bharat Gurung a favor by returning their properties (worth 100 crores!) and giving them a 'get out of jail' free gift voucher.

DB dai went on to win them election from Rasuwa (Congressi ticket ma) and now he's them chairman of former police-wallah association kyaaruh. He had to pay like 10 croroes as 'thank you' gift to GP rey.

Both Kangaroos and Eh-Maleys have their own goondas. Milan Chakrey visits KP Oli's wife to receive bhai tika every Tihar. All them so-called dons are now members of the youth organization of some political party. Ani... police wallahs have stopped arresting them goons because uni haroo kai tyam waste bhayo rey.

Them netas start calling and threatening our cops.. ani kay gaw-ros tuh bichara haroo lay? Salaam thok-nay, bhan-soon garyo, ramro thau ma posting ... choop chaap anka ma patti layo ani basney ni!

And in the recent news, them Congressi goondas shot them Eh-Maley goondas. The Eh-Maley guy got killed and then our Youth Force-wallahs vandalized them hospital and shut down Chitwan. Lau .. afai afai lawd-ney ani kinuh janta lai matra dookhaw diney kay taal ko!

Kathmandu ma chai.... the Maoist trade-union don , Shalik Ram Jammai-Cartel got hit in the head by some guy ... he's now in Norvic, enjoying his chicken noodle soup hola. And the poor guy, another Maoist cadre who found the union wallah lying in them bushes in BaberMahal was arrested for sodh-pooch!

Hamro Nepal Police ko kaam garney tarika pani mannai parcha hagi! Them cadres shut down Kathmandu and want them police-wallahs to take action against them culprits rey.
Now they have formed two different panels to investigate the attack against Shalik dai.

Is this a freaking joke? If you guys want to battle it out, shoot each other then don't bother us ni and if one of you get killed then it's not our fault .. hoinuh ruh?

We are being held hostage by our crooked politicians, chor-Police and mundrey goondas.... abuh khoi kay garney ho.... yesto taal lay tuh kasrai bachney yo desh ma?

We might have to ask them kuireys to open some kind of a cloning lab here in Nepal. We might have to clone 100 more Ramesh Kharels... or we might just have to form our own 'janta' party. Harek tole ma neighborhood watch program soo-roo garnoo paryo... we should learn from them Newars in Patan, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur kya.

Kehi bhayo ki... sabai ama, bau, chora , chori , bajey , bajai.. kodalo, hasiya, kharpan , jay paucha tuh tyehi bokay-ruh bato ma aucha ni... we can't expect them cops to help us ni! The only way we can fight them mundrey goondas chahi we have to be united... and sabai tole , gau baasi nai uthay-ruh pitnoo parcha kya!

Ani Aajuh Prime-Monster ko election... lau Baburam feri board first auney bhayo!

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