Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chicken Dance....

Jhallu Baba, our prime-monster has the flu rey.. and he's been down for the last three days kyaaruh. And chicken ko price is now like Rs 240.00 in the valley. Somebody please make some chicken noodle soup for Jhallu so that he is fit sit to walk out (or drive out in them new 'Free' SUV!) from Baluwatar this Saturday ... while he does them chicken dance sance ni.

Feri, Jhallu Baba might just stay sick and refuse to resign until August 31st while he doles out millions of Rupees to his cadres, chamchas and cousins .. hehe! I think our netas should forget about this so-called constitution thing and focus on 'corruption' more ... can we get like a 4,822 pages ko 'Where is the Money?' guide so that future netas and criminals can learn a thing or two.

Kinda like 'Corruption for Dummies' hola ni and some Nepali guy discovered water in Mars rey. We should ask him to come back from Amrika and find new water sources in the valley hola baroo. I am not going to Mars anytime soon but I know I will be stuck here in the valley till I am 64.

Then, I will sell my house (if I own one then!) and go on a world tour with my Mrs. and then move to Mars hola. Tyeti bela samma tuh tyeha ko jagga ko vow pani choo-noo naw-suck-nay hola ni.

London is burning rey (not all of it of course!) and now Liverpool ani Birmingham pani. Well, looks like instead of them Olympics next year... them British-wallahs can organize a 'Burning Man' festival ki kaso. Sorry.. meant burning vehicles, buildings and looting fest and maybe if Ozzy Osburne is still alive by then .. he can sing in the background kya!

Them British have them hooligans and angry kids from them poor neighborhoods... while here in Nepal, we have our political cadres burning shit up ... but we still haven't advanced to looting and burning buildings and stuff.

Who wants to steal a pair of sneakers, TV or taw-maa-tar.. when they can steal from the national coffers ni? And them Youth Force (YF) wallahs plan to shut down Biratnagar, then Morang then Koshi Zone rey.

Why? Because their Lord Parshuram is still hiding in Kathmandu in KP Oli's house (koon chai ghar chai tha-ha bhaye-naw!) and he is tired of eating chicken chilly and drinking whiskey inside rey.

He would like some fresh air and wants to go back to Biratnagar and make more millions from them extortion and tender-sender rackets hola ni. Chor tuh ho... chor-naw na-paye-pachi depressed hooncha rey kya.

Them YF goons want the police to withdraw them case sase against the taxi driver turned Don-wallah. This is our 'New' Nepal... where mundrey goondas are political cadres and now they are shutting down them cities and our police-wallahs are busy listening to dohori songs (ban them cell phones on duty kya!) and playing with their bamboo sticks!

Who will clean up this mess? I don't know.... Lord Vishnu had his chance but he was busy playing Poker on Facebook and increasing his bhatta satta and learning Swahili hola (maybe that's why he went on them 'Africa' trip!) ... and now he's thinking of investing in them wild life resorts in India rey!

Prachandoo lay kay kay nai garcha bhaney ko.... jhan chor po niklyo! Baroo yeti nai saro capitalist hoo-noo thyo bhaney kay khan-naw Maobadi banya tuh?

And KP Oli should just shut his trap and marry Bidya Bhandari and live a happy life together. And maybe them Youth Force-wallahs and our Parshuram Basnet can extort some byaparis and plan a big fat Oli Wedding ki kaso?

Nepal ma yestai ho... Don haro police sangaw darau-nay, police haroo neta sangaw ani neta haroo feri Don sangaw.. hehe!

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