Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who's Next?

Sher B. Deuba (aka Lion Brave Give Father) is a former prime-monster. His greatest achievement was dissolving them local bodies ten years ago and leaving us without any elected officials in them VDCs and wards and municipalities kya.

And of course, let us not forget them arms deal when we bought them bideshi weapons and his saalo (Arzoo didi's bhai!) made some dinero from them commission as well. Arzoo didi spent all them tyam attending bideshi conferences and what not.. hamrai taxpayers ko paisa lay!

I think we should let our netas and their chamchas extend them CA term till they fall down dead because until them PLA soldiers are given 10 lakhs gift vouchers... and 2-3 Brig. General ko fooli.. our Mao-buddies will continue to fly to Malaysia and forget about this so-called peace process kya.

What we need is them local elections kya! We want our ward chairpersons, mayors and mayor-nis so that our neighborhoods, gauns and sahars ko budget are spent on them bato ghato and stuff instead of going to them political parties only.

Today, Sher-ey thinks he is the right candidate to lead them national government rey. Well, we have seen three comrades in three years , enjoying their tyam in Baluwatar doing nothing and some of us might want to see a Kangaroo as our national team captain hola but we all know that nothing will happen in the next three months.

Baburam should start pumping iron hola... no one (them netas!) seems to be interested to have him as our team captain. Yes, Prachandoo is afraid... BRB might be popular and it will hurt his ego rey and Deuba thinks he is more competent than Dr. Saheb.

The Congressis had all them opportunities to do the right thing but they screwed it up and sabai thau ma loot-no lootyo!

The Mao-buddies told us that monarchy was the problem but had secret deals with the Raja-badis for a long tyam! Ten years of daang doong... janta nai maryo, neta haroo lai chai kinnuh na marey-ko?

And then one day , our netas ate too much paani-puris in Delhi and decided that if they got rid of Lord Vishnu then they wouldn' t have to share the loot with some Raja. They could all be kings and well, they are now... and unless we divided this country into 24 kingdoms and give a piece to our stupid clowns... we will continue to live in chaos and confusion hola ni.

It doesn't matter who becomes them next Prime-Monster... he (we hope one day 'she' will lead us!) will do nothing but spend the next three months cutting them ribbons and dole out millions of Rupees to his cadres and chamchas.

Ani, lastuh ma chahi he will resign and then blame his own party and other parties and even the Nepali jantas .. hehe... for not supporting his plans to bring this peace process natak to a closure!

Why the hell did Prachandoo resign? Katuwal was leaving anyway.... nobody resigns just because of a General who would retire in a month or two ni. Prachandoo quit because he didn't know what to do... and he was scared that he would lose his 'points' if he stayed on.

Makune, two-time loser, had dreamt of Baluwatar even when Gyanu uncle was Lord Vishnu.... he wanted to it so bad... and then he got his chance and showed the world that you could be a prime-monster even if you lose them elections.

Afno gaun ko janta lay tuh vote na-diye-ko lay hami sabai lai sikauney rey... hehe! Jhallu Baba did his best to kiss Prachandoo's arse and succeeded and betrayed his own party so that he could do a puja at Baluwatar.

Even if BRB gets to be our prime-monster, he won't be able to do much because Prachandoo and gang will do everything possible to screw up BRB's plans ni.. yestai ho Naya Nepal ma... sabai party haroo ma fight sight.... maybe it's about time for another revolution... we, the jantas against them political parties and their mundrey goondas! But we do need a leader ni hoinuh.. khoi... abuh kasley lead garney? I still think MaHa (Madan dai and Hari Bansha dai) could be our Generals ... hehe... abuh tuh ki aaar ki paar ho kya!

Yestai taal ho bhaney, we might have three prime-monsters in the next three months... them other parties want to go for them rotational system rey. We better buy three new SUVs feri ... hamrai paisa tuh ho ni... and every time a crook leaves Baluwatar, we thank him for a job not done by giving him a SUV and free security, fuel and pocket money for the rest of his life.

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  1. MaHa would do great leading nepal.
    we are with them!