Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love from Nepal....

Was talking to a friend in London... she's mad at them Kuirey cops for doing nothing while them goondas in hoodies go around them neighborhood burning them local stores. As she was driving from work, she saw a burned vehicle and the local pub had been vandalized.

It's not winter yet so I guess burning stuff up won't really do any good hola (unless them hoodlums wanted some BBQ) but it's the same everywhere in the world hola... them folks always target them local businesses in their own neighborhood.

If these people are so pissed at them cops for shooting someone then go and burn City Hall or even storm Buckingham Palace and have a cup of tea with Queenie ki kaso? Lastuh ma gayeruh jaha pani janta lai nai dook-haw while them corrupt clowns get all them security and what not.

Since I am busy with my urgent meetings with International Brotherhood Society (IBS aka Irritable BS!) ... I couldn't give her the updates from Nepal so I asked her to read my blog so that she can get the latest BS ni.

Rohit Chand, the young lad who will one day play football somewhere in Europe nearly got his arse kicked by our chor-police @ Rangasala. The defender was nearly thrashed by them cops and if our British coach wasn't there on tyam then he could have received three laathi-charges, two flank kicks and one slap rey.

He was walking towards the football field to console them young U-16 lads after their loss to India but then a police officer gave him some gaali while the constable began to drag him. And this was after he had introduced himself as a national player rey.

Maybe, we should just send our chor-police to London ni.... if they want some action then they should request the British Embassy to send them to Ealing or wherever and hang out with them hoodlums in hoodies kya.

We will know that our country has changed for the better only when our police-wallahs stop acting like juvenile delinquents and floss their mouth so that we don't have to hear them swearing at us.

It's been twenty years since our police-wallahs got them new dress from the 'bora' color to blue slue.... but their attitude and filthy mouths have remained the same hagi. Even ten years of daang-doong by the Mao-buddies haven't really made our chor-cops mend their ways.

Our netas aren't in the game to reform seform... they are here to loot and boot while they make our cops shoot at us and deform everything in sight kyaaruh. So what should we do?

We follow the 'gaun' formula kya! In them villages, them cops get thrashed and beaten by them villagers if they start acting funny. I was once in Terai and some APF jackasses were trying to get touchy with them village lasses. Ani sabai gauley miley-ruh choot-noo chootay cha!

Then they sent two trucks with all them riot control gear and 100 angry cops rey. Feri gauley mileruh dhoonga soonga lay lakhatey cha. The CDO had to visit the village and apologize. But here in Kathmandu, them police-wallahs act like gangsters while them YCL and YF clowns want to be them police-wallahs hehe!

So next time, your friend gets laathi-charged in Thamel or your girlfriend has to listen to nasty comments by them arseholes in blue .... then gather up your whole tole sole ... if you don't have enough friends in your tole then get all your Facebook friends (hope you added the ones you really know ...hehe!) and storm them local police station, slap the guy who thinks his job is to harass us and then hold a press conference in the middle of the street while the police-wallahs are hiding inside the police station kya.

It's all about numbers ni... look at the Mao-buddies. They still can bring in 100,000 domestic tourists to visit Kathmandu and they don't need Facebook! So, don't attempt to do this with like 10 people hai... the minimum number required is at least 50 and bring along the Ama Samuha (mothers) and ask them to bring daroos and panyoz too so that they can use it to beat them cops.

I am not trying to promote 'Brutality against Police' hehe.... but it's about time we stood up against police brutality and let them cops know that if they want to act funny then they should be ready to get a thrashing from the whole neighborhood.

And one more thing, don't argue with them cops at night when you are coming home from work or party or whatever. Just smile , state you name and where you live and listen to his stupid remarks and head home. Raati tuh uni haroo ko raaj ho kya.

This is supposed to be a free country but it's not... and we will never be free unless Anil Chitrakar goes to all them police stations and teach our men and women in blue ... how to act like them civilized people rather than a jungalee badar and jungle queens hehe!

And I hope my brother will not kick my arse because he happens to be them SP (finally!) and he has only 8 years to go before his 30-year service BS comes to and end and he has to retire.

It's not that our police-wallahs are jackasses. They are competent and do their job even without any resources.... them police stations are crumbling, no petrol for them police vans, cheap boots and sasto looga and rotten ration etiyaadi... and most of them have turned into chors because they also have to feed their family ni.

Our netas have turned them into their own personal slaves and when mundrey goondas shut down them cities, our cops can only chew pan paraag and watch silently because them netas will make sure that our men in blue will not get promoted or transferred to Rolpa and Dolpa kya.

I don't know why our police-wallahs are so scared of them netas. Their lives are at risk ... be it Sudan or Terai or anywhere in Nepal. So, it's about time them good cops stood up and thrashed them netas. We have seen it in them 'Desi' movies... you can be 'ChulBul Pandey' or that Singham ni... khoi kasari motivate garney ho hamro chor-police lai?

Loot-naw ruh Choot-nuw tuh khoob aucha yee daaka haroo lai.. abuh janta ko sewa gar-naw kasley sikauney... maybe we should ask them Maha Jodi to make a TV serial kya. Madan-ey dai can be our good cop while Hari Bansha will play the bad cop, who sells everything from them tyres, tables and even police ko dress, helmet etiyaadi.. hehe!

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