Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Legend of Krishna...

Once again... it's Lord Krishna's birthday and everyone is having dahi and singing them bhajans hola ni. Our President is back to acting like a 'King' ... I think we should stop inviting them thulo mancheys to be our chief guests for them religious events kya.

Why can't we have Rajesh Hamal baroo... at least hamro bato ghato won't be blocked and he wouldn't need them security clowns ni. Rajesh dai can dress up in a lungi and maybe baroo whole body nai 'blue' paint saint lagau-ney kya!

And our politicians have asked our Lord Krishna aka President Yadav for another 3 days extension rey. I think this 'deadline' thing doesn't work in Nepal... baroo just tell them clowns that they can't extend and ask for more time jahiley pani! Yeso fine sine tiraam nuh yee mora haroo lai... harek din extend gareko 10 crore kya.. sabai paisa tuh yee party haroo lay lootya tuh ho ni!

What happens if you take a bank loan and can't pay back in time?... well you can extend it for a while hola.. then you lose your assets ni... baroo hamro neta haroo lai pani CA batuh nikaal-ney ho ki? Ani sabai budiya ko naam ko jagga ruh bhanja ko naam ko factory pani confiscate garney ho ki?

This is probably the right time for NepalUnites to ask all Kathmanduites to gather at Rangasala at midnight and take out a (solar) torch-rally against corruption, criminals and CA clowns! Yes, Hazare has shown them Desi politicians that they are not the masters ... janta nai saba bhanda thulo ho... yee neta haroo tuh hamra public servants hoon ni.. khoi role nai ulta palta kya!

While the rest of them clowns do them bandhs and rallies during rush hour ... we should do our thing only after 10pm kya (raati dal bhaat khaney ani pachak ya birey noon chapau-dai nikloom naw!)... and we walk from Rangasla to Shital Niwas, wake up the President then visit Baluwatar and wake up Jhallu Baba and then walk all the way to Naya Bazar and start our karyakaram at Prachandoo's palace.

Prachandoo won't be sleeping then... he would have finished his last peg and getting ready for bed... then we ask him to come out and do his standup act and make us all laugh ni. Maybe he will finally speak the truth when he is drunk... or we can listen to his bhasan in Angrezi... yes, we Nepali men love to talk English Singlish when we are drunk ni!

What can we learn from Lord Krishna? Apart from how to be a player and date 1,000+ women ... Krishna the 'Ladies Man' teaches us ...that it is much better for one to perform his own duties, even imperfectly than to try and perform the duties of another person.

It's not our job to write them constitution or be them netas setas ni... hamro job as jantas is to make sure that our politicians and civil servants do their job well without looting them national coffers and enriching themselves kya. Hisab kitab maagnai parcha!

And we need to realize that we are all in this together and we need to help each other out when them civil servants ask for bribes and our netas dole out them state funds to their chamchas and especially when them police-wallahs harass sadharan jantas... we need to stand up and beat these buffoons with them sishnoo pani and make sure that they mend their ways.

I think we can do a rehearsal hola... by doing a mini-rally this week... Indian Embassay ko Agadi .. in support of Anna Hazare .... maybe PartyNepal can organize a party ni.... we can ask them Indian restaurants to prepare them katti rolls and what not, get a DJ to play them Bollywood songs and we gather in front of the Desi Embassy and show that we, Kathmanduites also support Hazare and them Desi folks in India who are sick and tired of them netas' circus acts!

Abuh hamro desh ma Hazare tuh hoinuh.. sabai Hajur-Ama haroo lai batoo-loom ani andolan soo-roo garnoo parla ni! Yes, Euta Hazare might be enough for India ..hami baroo Ek Hazar Hajur-Ama lai yo neta haroo lai thik paar-ney mauka dim .. ki kaso?

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