Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day of the Dead....

Today is Gai Jatra, our 'Cow Festival' .. when the Newars of Kathmandu Valley honor their dead! And also the day where them comedians make fun of our so-called netas. But making fun of them clowns is not enough kya.

Them Gai-Jat-rey comedy shows used to be fun back in the days when them MaHa jodi were not into attending every INGO show or them cultural programs hehe. During them Panchey days.... them comedians were truly courageous.. now it's just caricatures of either Emperor Prachandoo or Gyanu Uncle ni.

I still remember one of them die-logs.... Madan Krishna explains to Hari Bansha why our municipality don't do shit ... abuh 'Nagar' Panchayat bhaye pachi kasari kaam gar-ney... 'Gar' Panchayat bhaye po kaam gar-ney ni.. hehe!

Look at Jhallu Baba... we can make fun of him .. he got slapped and it was more like a 'good luck' pat on his cheek jastai kya. He promised to resign yesterday... well, Saturday was chootti and today is also a public holiday.. khoi neta haroo lay jay guff diye pani hoonay kya!

How about packing your bags and just leaving Baluwatar ni... why the hell do we need a prime-monster anyway? Jhallu hopes to do a Makune II by staying there for a few more months hola ni .. hope he will also be lucky and he can dole out more millions to his cousins and chamchas!

Our Kangaroos want to lead the next national team rey. Can somebody tell our Congressis that they are like them dinosaurs... abuh extinct hoonuh matra baaki cha kya. The next 20 years chahi Mao-buddies, Madeshis and other morons haroo ko paalo ho ni!

Where did we go wrong? We have become a land of opportunity for our netas and them goondas. Mahesh Basnet, the so-called President of Youth Association Nepal (YAN) is having fun in Biratnagar, threatening all them journalists and now even them police personnel and their wives and kids.

We really need them 'encounter specialists' like them Desi cops to get rid of our dons ki kya ho? Basnet will shut down Nagarik and then send the editor, Narayan Wagle to jail rey. When did them UML goondas become our police-wallah kya?

I think it's about time our journalists get together and start kicking some arses hola. 400 goons can shut down Biratnagar... we might need 4,000 patrakars and patrkar-nis but size does matter and I think they can break few goondas' bones pani .. 10:1 ratio ma tuh kaso naw-jitla hagi?

NepalUnites should stop their Paris Danda gherao karyakaram. Baroo, get them journalists and our police-wallahs together and visit them netas houses and take back them government vehicles and security guards pani.

Why the @#$! do our netas need them security and gaadis paid for by them taxpayers when they have all them goondas and stolen vehicles at their disposal kya?

And Bhushan Dahal should stop acting like he uncovered some dark secrets (them Army 'antique' weapons sale stuff!) and focus on Sudan Scam baroo!

If we can get to the bottom of this APC natak... our netas and their chamchas might finally be tried for treason and sentenced to 50 years of hard-labor or something ni!

Yes, our police-wallahs are chors but it's about time, we all stand up for them. I think even the chor-police will tag along if we storm them party headquarters of all them stupid political parties and ask for them hisab-kitab kya!

So, let's all get together and go to Baluwatar as well... no more painting them bridges and waving flags and what not.... baroo.. let's all gherao Baluwatar when them three stooges are drinking chiya and plotting another 'loot-a-thon' ni.

And Narayan Wagle should just tell that arshole Mahesh-ey to 'bring it on'.. we are there for your Wagle bro... let's show them goondas what it's like in Wagle ki Duniya.. hehe!

So all them journalists from Nagarik.. grab your newspapers and if you find them UML goondas... just beat them up and show them that you are not going to take it anymore kya!

Anyways, Happy Gai Jatra everyone. Let us all pray and remember our friends and family who are no longer with us. Hope there is no load shedding, water shortage and all them 'New Nepal' crap up there in heaven kya!

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