Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lumbini for Sale...

Lord Prachandoo is back from Malaysia and he brought with him them Chinese clowns who want to invest like 3 billion Amriki dollars in Lumbini rey. Is this for real? No... unless them Chinese jugglers want to actually build a casino and fly their gambling gurus to Lumbini for a game of poker!

But why the hell is our Emperor acting like a super-dalal instead of a neta and he must have forgotten that he was once a prime-monster kya.

Somebody needs to tell Prachandoo that if he thinks he is a leader then he should rather look after the interest of the citizens and the country kya.... not fly to them foreign cities and sleep with them Chinese agents ni.

Yes, them Chinese NGO wants to invest 3 billion dollars in Lumbini and our government doesn't even know it rey. But our Mao-buddies think they own Nepal and they have the right to make deals on behalf of 30 million folks hola ni.

Let's do the math, 3 billion ko 4% commission liye pani 120 million hard-cold cash for Prachandoo and Co. and then even if the Chinese come and build them airports, roads and what not... sub-contractor haroo chahi sabai Mao-buddies ko ista-mitra haroo nai ho.

Yeta uta garda 10% nai paye pani arko 300 millionUS$ . Lau kya mazza, no wonder both our former Crown Prince, Paras Dai and current Emperor , Prachandoo happen to be co-chairmen of this NGO which doesn't even exist.

And what kind of NGO hands out certificates to its own chairman , ftyo pani spelling and grammatical errors. Well, only the Chinese do that hola.... if it were them Indian NGO then we wouldn't even understand a word of it since they still seem to follow them Victorian English hehe!

Them Chinese mafia tell us that they can bring in 5 million tourists and it will take them 9 years to make Lumbini , the mecca for them Buddhists rey! Everything sounds fishy. We don't know who they are ... probably it's them same folks whom our former Home Minister, Mahara was talking to on them phone sone and asking for 50 crore Rupees kya.

Lumbini can pull in more than 10 million tourists. hola .. we need an international airport, better bato ghato, hotels and all them stuff kya and that would probably happen after 10 years if we are to believe these jokers.

I think if Prachandoo really is looking after our interest then he should ask these clowns to invest in them hydro stuff ni. It costs like 1-1.5 million dollars for 1 MW rey.... so we could probably get like 3,000 MW in the next 9 years with that kind of money ni.

And it would really help all 36 million (hamro population by then!) Nepalis ni. Sabai lay batti paye pachi at least we can watch TV 24x7 and use them Espresso machine .. no need to buy inverters or generators kya.

Our so-called leaders don't know how to lead... they are just good at kissing bideshi arses and kicking afnai janta ko arses. Yestai ho hamra neta haroo... maybe Prachandoo should go back to the jungle and maybe ask them Chinese to invest 3 billion dollars in Rolpa, Rukum and them remote areas.. why not build like them Great Wall stuff here and them 5 million Chinese can visit our wall swall ki kaso?

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