Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are you Cultured?

We have seen the Ranas (well our grannies did!), we have seen the Pancheys (our parents did!), we have seen the so-called Democray-wallahs and our angry revolutionaries... but joon jogi aye pani ghich-naw naw-pugey ko.. hehe!

'Old' Nepal was about Lord Vishnu but now hamro 'New' Nepal ma, we have to deal with them thousands of Gods and God-nis who are having fun while this great country of ours goes down the drain kya!

And our netas have once again shown us that when it comes to 'afno mancheys'... they will pacha-o their laaz saaz and appoint their friends (8th grade pass!) or natey-daars to head them governmental agencies.

And the asshole of the week award goes to our 'Culture' Minister, Khagendra Prasai who decided to appoint his relative, a jagga dalal to head PADT (Pashupati Area Development Trust)! Why the @#$! are our comrades always trying to get their cadres and chamchas to head the 'Holy Cow' agency?

Well, according to my sources, Pashupatinath temple rakes in more than a billion Rupees a year from them offerings and what not from them devotees! So far, them 'South Indian' priests and our 101 Nepzie Pujaris enjoy them 'tips' rey! And PADT ko naam ma more than 1,000+ ropanis of land in the Valley... so let us not do them math sath or we will all go crazy ... hehe!

Why the hell do we need a Ministry of Culture Sulture? To promote them culture of corruption and impunity hola ni!

All them Pashupatinath Temple ko pujaris lai fixed salary ma raakhney rey! I guess they won't get to stash them gold sold and note sote from them bhakta-jans abuh dekhi! It's all good... but then all them offerings will not go to develop Pashupati area but will be shared by our political parties.

And now, we will have a 'jagga dalal' heading PADT... maybe he can sell them jaggas and make some dough for himself and his uncle suncle and also distribute them jaggas to all them 'thulo' netas and their relatives ni... after all, sharing is caring ni. Sabai mili-juli khaam naw!

Lord Prachandoo received 5 crores from them 'Sudan Scam' rey! Yes, when it comes to sharing the loot, our netas get along very well ni... maybe that's why Rubel wasn't stopped at them airport and hope one day, one of them police officers will be brave enough to point fingers at them three stooges!

But of course.. we need them evidence sevidence rey! Maybe Shambu Bharati, the 'APC' agent can write a book...'How Rubel screwed me!' when he gets out jail. Bharati has a law degree and he owns like 43 ropanis of land in the valley rey.

Tyo 15 crores bail money is actualy pocket change for this 'super-dalal' but he is not paying a dime because he feels much safer inside them jail sail, playing 'marriage' (card game!) with our police-wallahs rey!

We all know that Rubel made some from them deal seal... but he was allowed to fly to Dhaka. And our Mao-buddies, the 'fake' comrades (UML) and the Kangaroos got crores as well. Bharati and them IGPs can do us a all a favor if they spill all them beans kya. Just tell the court that all them netas made their cut and let's see what them CIAA wallahs do then.

Sudan scam can bring down a lot of politicians but we need our chor-police and thekey-daar Bharati to do the right thing ... at least once in their lifetime kya! Yes Bharati made billions from all them contracts from the army and the police... and our IGPs made millions.... abuh why do you want to save them netas... don't be afraid.... even if them mundrey goondas kill you!

You will be the real 'martyr' kya.... instead of them fake ones who get 10 lakhs from the state (tyo pani political party sarty lay nai khancha!) and all them paap-saap pani Nirma washing powder lay looga dho-ko jastai dhoi-din-cha ni!

So.. our corrupt police-wallahs and criminals (them so-called agents!) should stand up for once.. and show us how our great netas make them moolah kya!

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