Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What would Murdoch do?

Rupey Murdoch is everywhere.... and it's not just because of them 'hacking' scandals in the UK! He owns Fox News... the TV network filled with rednecks and hot blonde bimbos (not all blondes are bimbos ni feri!). It's good Kiran naani decided to move to CNN than staying at FOX and talking BS kya!

So what can we learn from all these nataks? Well, it doesn't matter where you live... them media-byapari-netas nexus exist and politicians and civil servants are a bunch of corrupt buffoons kya!

So how did this Australian go from owning just one newspaper in Australia to rule the world? (well... he controls nearly all of them major newspapers in them Amriki, British and Aussie market kya!)

Rupey was not an evil tycoon when he started out. He was just another Aussie lad... went to Oxford (either he was smart or his Daddy was able to pull some strings hola ni!) and he was a big Labour fan... aka communist .. hehe!

I think we are all communist when we are in our 20s... we become socialist in our 30s... and by the tyam we are 40.. we are all capitalist pigs hola ni!

Rupey has been married three tyams... he was in his late 60s when he started learning Kung-Fu from Ms. Deng who was barely 30 kya! Age doesn't matter.... but now even at 80.. Rupey is still going strong both physically (hehe!) and financially.... making deals on both sides of the Atlantic.

While King Midas had his golden touch... King Rupey has his 'trashy' touch kya. Whatever he touches.. turns into trash.. be it them newspapers, TV networks etiyaadi... but trash sells because most of us don't want to listen to experts and their nataks.. we want to read tabloids and listen to people who talk trash .. hehe!

Shutting down one tabloid is not going to make this scandal go away.... but if this were to happen in our 'New' Nepal... then it would be like.. 'so what?' .... we watched Prachandoo brag about how he inflated them numbers of his PLA folks and got extra pocket money!

We listened to Mahara learning Mandarian 101 with some Chinese businessman, asking him for 50 crores to pay off them CA members etiyaadi.... but here in Nepal, we just move on kya! While in them West, politicians and civil servants resign... our netas and civil servants just walk over us and go on to become richer and more powerful kya!

I hope this 'hacking' scandal will make Super Dave piss in his pants! This is not only about corrupt politicians or them police-wallahs in the UK... it's about ordinary folks... and how their privacy have been violated by Rupey's employees!

Rupey Murdoch has to pay.... he is no longer the laid-back Aussie. (he became an Amriki citizen so that he could own them TV networks there!).. he is one of the most powerful men on Earth... it's about time ... he learn to live with the mortals and somebody .. well, them English speaking folks in the land of Hot Dogs, Tea and Crocodile Dundee.. should stand up and say 'Enough.... we don't want your trash.... Rupey... and just take your cash and your trash and move to Zimbabwe!'

Mugabe would be happy to have Murdoch... and he can start a tabloid there baroo...hehe! Or visit Nepal 2011... and team up with Jana Astha and publish a tabloid or two yeta pani.. hehe!

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