Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go Shorty.. It's Your Birthday!

Gyanu uncle is 65 today... Happy B'day uncle! It's been three years now since he decided to give up the 'Lord Vishnu' title and get himself a passport and go on a 'Visit India' tour every few months ... and our so-called netas still haven't gotten their act together!

Even Gyanu uncle is like ... 'I can't believe this shit!' and he is very unhappy that not much has changed since he gave up the throne srone rey! Well, Nirmal Nirwas was rocking today with our Bollywood hero-ni Manisha didi and other Pancheys, mandaleys and raja-badis dancing around the 'Once I king, now I only sing!' G-man!

Well, when he was the king ... Nepalis would get a day off to relax at home ni... a public holiday but now we have to wait for another census or some new circus act by our netas for them public holiday nataks kya! Anyway, G-man is not worried like most of us.. he is still optimistic rey!

Well.. he still owns them businesses and he still gets them security ni... so life is good ni!

Kamal Thapa could not be there due to the death of his mother kyaaruhy. Kamal Dai.. we pray for her soul hai and we hope you are doing good! Kamal Dai may have been a baddie home-minister but he is still the veteran tennis champion ni! And he still rules Hetuada like some Shree Tin Maharaja .. hehe!

So what will G-man do next? I say.. open your own political party, win that Kathmandu ko seat and then maybe get elected as the next Finance Minister hehe! He is a businessman and he knows how to place them bets kya! But I guess... he's just happy to be out of the Palace.. and just relax and work on his biography.. khoi kahiley publish hoonay ho... calling the Dixit brothers.. hehe!

And mero tole ko poet laureate says, 'If I give you Switzerland ko green card (they have one?) and ask you for 5 lakhs .. you would give me the money ni.. but if I give you Zimbabwe ko green card and pay you 50 lakhs then you wouldn't take it .. hoinuh ruh?'

I replied.. 'Ye... I think so!' .. tyehi nai ho rey... Why would Gyanu uncle want to make a comeback ni.. because he knows it's just going to get worse and he is not going to make any dough from trying to be the Chief Guest at the upcoming Indra Jatra ni!

I know Himani Trust was a little too late but if Gyanu uncle and the ex-Royals want to win the hearts and minds of Kathmanduites ... then start cleaning up them Bagmati River myaan! HutaRam Baidya has released another book .. 'Bagmati Banchirahos!' and I met Hutu Bajey two years ago!

Went to his house... it's kaha bhaney.. tyo Rangasala ruh BlueBird ko biccha ma.. .there is a sign .. something ... Engineer's Association and it's a two storey yellow house kya! Went there for some guff suff.. because I wanted to be a one-man Bagmati cleaning machine and he asked me to bring '100 Rajnikanths' like me and then only we could work together rey.

Yes, there are like 36 different NGOs and INGOs working to clean Bagmati... a dollar here and a dollar there but sewage chahi everywhere ki kay bhancha ni. Huta Bajey says, 'We don't need to beg for them resources.. we can use local resources like bamboo sambooo etiyaadi and he has many ideas.. .pretty cool!'

So.. if everybody wants to hang out with Huta Bajey then let me know hai.. I need at least 100 folks so that he doesn't kick my arse (I don't think he will remember me now..) but time is running out. He is not going to live till he's 120.. he no japani.. he Nepali .. you know!

HutaRam Bajey is like 87 kyaaruh. I think he was 84 last tyam... yes, the age goes +1 every year ni! So ... if our Raja wants to play some Baja then stop visiting them Swamis and puja suja stuff... show us that you care... tyesai lay.. Gyanu uncle .. Happy Birthday.. and hope you will bring Paras dai and the gang along to clean up Bagmati and please ask Kamal Thapa and his 'circus' troupe to join the Bagmati Safa Garoom... campaign as well!

Lau.. abuh bhat khaney bela bhayecha.. bida pau... and congrats to our next Chief Saab... the Ranas have still not left the building hagi.... feel sorry for Chand.. not enough arse-kissing kya.. Ranaji is married to them Indian princess, has all the dough (pahile ko Shree Tin ko tuh naati saati!) and hey.. let's see how it goes... I think Mohan Baidya should be our next Rakshya Mantri.. haha!


  1. Volunteer: to clean bagmati. 120 jana jamma huncha... :) The NepaliUnites fok will jamma garo if you want them to(unless you are one of them, in which case, great work)

  2. @Runil.. yes, I think we need 600+ volunteers to give a bath, scrub wrub our CA clowns ..hehe.. maybe shampoo tyampoo etiyaadi as well.