Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nepal Wins World Cup.....

Nepal beat East Timor 7-1 .. in them two games they played for them World Cup qualifying games here in Kathmandu. Now, they will face them Jordanians at the end of July and we all know that we might get thrashed kya! But ... the British Coach is doing something right hola! He wears them Daura-Suruwal .. (first half lai bhaye pani!) and he knows a thing or two about discipline pani!

A friend of mine wants to see Nepal qualify for them Football ko World Cup before he dies rey! He's only 30.... so I guess he expects to live till 120 hola ni! So where did we go wrong? Nowhere... we just don't have the muscle or the strategy to win them games kya.

First, we need to make sure that our players go to them gym sym and do some fitness stuff. Well, we don't expect them to be lik Aamir Khan and his 43 egg-whites, 36-pack abs fitness regimen.. hehe! But ... when we play against them bideshis.. we lose because we are not physically fit kya.

So.. let all our national players gorge on them steak and beef jerkies...hehe! Now, the 'Holy Cow' crowd will probably kill me for this but yes, we eat lot of chicken and we look like chickens kya .. hehe!

Next, let us work on them strategy..... football is a team sport. Yes, you can be a Maradona or Messi or whoever but everything and everyone has to play their part. So what if you can score 4 goals but if your defense sucks then you are bound to lose ni.

Yes, I am not a professional player or a coach but I have my own achievements to back what I am saying hehe... I used to be a star player in my primary school's basketball team! I used to be a good cross-country runner (smoking weed did play a part or two hola!) and recently, a year ago... I was part of them corporate football tournament champ. So I know a thing or two about sport wort swort kya!

We used to be quite good .. tyo South Asian Games ma chahi... but if we really want to qualify for them World Cups then we need to beat all them Asian teams ni.

ANFA sucks.. Ganesh Thapa has been the President since the 90s and the only reason he's still there is because he's good at doling out them FIFA funds to the local football districts. Jay ma pani politics kya!

If we really want to get this 'football' thing right then we need to make sure that our 14 year olds get the training and diet siet now. And if we stick with them.. then we are bound to qualify for them World Cup .... in the next 10 years kya!

It's not that we don't have highly skilled players but we have to learn to work as a team. Our netas suck at that and so do nearly everyone else.. but if we can sign the Dhaka-topi Bideshi for the next 10 years then he will probably get it right.

We are Nepalis.. we want changes overnight kya.... it took Singapore 30 years to be a developed country from a malaria-infested jungle. It will take us another 300 years hola but we need to keep on trying... how can we be a failed state if we have never even tried to be a state kya?


  1. Just found your blog via Myrepublica.com. I am glad I did. Loved the way you write and please keep attacking those suckers... I mean Netas!!