Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sick Politicians...

Naya Patrika, a Nepali daily has them report seport about our so-called leaders haroo ko health sealth. Hope one day they add some masala by publishing their wealth ko barey ma pani kya!

Anyways, looks like most of our 'chor' netas suffer from high blood pressure! But the good thing is that they will get flown out of the country to some hospital in Bangkok, Singapore or even in Amrika if our clowns get very sick and weak!

Unlike us, who may have to sell our land and jewelry... our netas get free medical care paid for by the state (hamrai taxpayers' kai paisa ho!)... so it's about time our corrupt clowns take care of themselves so that they can enjoy more looting (rastra ko dhukuti!) and shooting (their opponents!).

So how do you contro you high BP? I don't know ... but follow DJ Ram Dev's breathing exercise or drink Karela ko juice suice... and don't drink like crazy. Prachandoo drinks like the world will end tomorrow kya!

Most of our netas love to drink and get wasted ... except our pyaro Dr. Saheb, Baburam-ji! Baburam is the only neta who , if he goes on a foreign trip , won't spend his foreign bhatta and baroo.. he will return it back kya! And he doesn't drink... he likes black tea.. and you can get it for less than 8 Rupees at the local chiya pasal ni!

While our so-called CA members rarely go back to visit their constituents ... Dr. Saheb has been to Gorkha more than 40 tyams in less than 40 months rey! While, Upey... our foreign minister will probably visit 40 cities around the world .... Baburam goes back to Gorkha because he really wants to hang out with the folks who voted for him and it also lowers his BP rey!

And of course.. Prachandoo's chamchas don't want BRB in Gorkha every weekend because they fear that BRB will get more 'Mao-buddy Idol' votes from their cadres.. hehe!

Well, our national team has once again proven that we are not yet ready for them 'football games' against anybody except our Shark (SAARC) neighbors or East Timor. I feel bad for our 'British' Coach and I hope our brother Chand gets a try out from them British clubs... if not, he's doing okay with the 'Desi' football team making IRs 1.2 lakhs a month!

We knew Jordan was going to beat us but nine freaking goals... ali badi nai bhayo kya! Once your opponent starts scoring more than 2-3 goals then all you can do is play defense ni! Why not have like all of our players just hang around at the goal post instead of trying to run around the field?

Abuh ... we play against them Jordanians on Thursday... hamro home ground maa... and we hope they will play their reserve team and not score more than 2 goals kya. How about NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) offering them men from Middle East... free mountain flights, bungee and para-gliding pani?

After all... they really don't have them mountains or any adventure sports except camel racing or eating 20 plates of Kebabs ... hehe! Maybe then we will end with a draw or something...baroo ANFA should focus not on men's but our women's team kya!

Our women's team is used to scoring 7 goals against their opponents... and if we really want to win the World Cup someday... then our women can do it... what about our ladkas? I don't know... unless we send our 12-year olds to Barcelona and put them in their youth development program for ten years.. ani chai kehi hola.. natra ... Ganesh Thapa will still be ANFA ko President in 2030... and East Timor will beat us 5-0 then!

RIP Amy naani... we knew you were going to get wasted but not this early... now you will live forever ni.. and our prayers to the victims and their families in Norway... it's sad... but this is the world we live in... coward(s) venting their frustration(s) and anger against innocent folks!

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