Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Don't You Tell Others?

There is this new furnishing store in front of my house. The landlord is a pukka byapari.... he built a four storey house on 3 annas of land and he has already recovered his investment rey... well that was back in 2000... so now he's just saving some dough to build a mega complex hola! Nothing wrong with that... but he renovated his building and dumped all them itta-sitta (bricks), bato ko cheu ma!

So I asked Sahuji to clear them stuff kya.. and that was 6 months ago! Well, I am no longer the angry old man in my tole nowadays... have retired from beating people up for throwing them trash srash and singing latest Bollywood songs in the middle of the night!

Now, them furnishing store also throws their trash srash right next to them building. The other day, our local neighborhood plumber was busy dismantling koon chai ko bathroom sink wink and after he got all them re-sell gar-naw milney saa-maan .. then dumped the whole thing right next to them jhyang syang!

So this morning, I went to talk to the plumber and he was like.. 'Well, it's not only me.. why don't you tell all them other folks who also throw them fohor sohor?' .. so I gently reminded him that I don't want to be a Rajnikanth and break his bones and burn his motorcycle and tie him up at our local chautara, flog him and then make a Youtube video and upload it kya!

This is Nepal... nobody will listen to you if you kindly request the other person or party to be a law-abiding citizen or organization! But if you gather a mob and perform a circus act then sabai kura thik-thak rey!

The local youth club has advised me to stop telling them neighbors what to do.. baroo if they do another clean up campaign (last tyam was like 2 years ago.. hehe!) then they plan to dump all them fohor in front of them Sahuji ko building rey!

The neighborhood political analyst (the guy who has his own tab @ the local chiya pasal!) suggest that I join the People's Volunteers rey.. hehe! No way.... I have had enough of this natak... last tyam, I tried to be a smart-ass and threatened the local municipality to fix them pot holes. It got done but had to spend a day in local jail because I accidentally strangled the local hakim saheb.

Then I accidentally hit the local vegetable seller (he also used to be a local don rahecha!) with a Fanta ko bottle because he refused to clear all them fohor (main road batuh) and it wasn't his fault. He was just part of them 30+ veggie sahujis who thought it was okay to dump all them baasi stuff on the road kya!

So no more acting like a jungalee clown hola.. I will just follow my father's advice... baroo! Son, just shut up and clean it yourself! Okay, now I plan to hire a small tractor and clear up them itta-sitta.... and then I will just place a signboard.... 'Whoever throws trash here is a son of a donkey and may you burn in hell for the next 1,387 years' or something like that!


  1. Classic as always! I really admire your writings. Very funny/witty and yet super informative.

    Well done and please keep pouncing on our corrupt Netas.