Saturday, July 2, 2011

Double Dhamaal...

Dhamaal , the first one came out in 2007... I didn't like it and now, we have double dhamaal and it's jhan jpt kya! But Bollywood is changing .... in the 90s, it was all about going to college, beating up them goons and eloping with the tycoon's daugher kya!

2000 ma chahi... it was all about college kids, who no longer wanted to make war and not even lob-sob... just do their own thing and get lucky hola ni!

And here we are ... Bollywood has finally decided to use the 'Hollywood' formula.. with them sequels and what not! I hear them 'Dhamaal' gang plan to come up with another circus act.. name chahi 'total dhamaal' rey... How about 'No more dhamaal' kya?

Anyways, this is supposed to be a movie review ni.... so let's get back to the movie hai! Sanjay Dutt used to be a cool dude once... he's like the 'Mickey Rourke' of Bollywood hehe! Now, we just need Sanju Baba wearing them tights and beating the shit out of 'The Great Khali' hola ni!

Mallika Sherawat is like the 'Pamela didi' from Hollywood. She should stick to making them faces like she got stuck in a drum (tyo petrol haalney bhada kya!) and I don't know... marry some rich NRN and live happily after all!

Arshad Warsi ... stick to Munna Bhai series or do them cool movies like Isqhiya ... but of course, we all need some extra cash and Mumbai is expensive. You can eat all them pav-bhaji for less than a dollar but them pads (ghar kya!) are like @#$%!ing ... I think them RVs will sell really well in Mumbai! RVs? Tyo hooncha ni ... kay bhanca recreational vehicles where you have them bed sed, toilet soilet, living room , kitchen sitchen .... all in one vehicle kya!

Riteish Deshmukh... daddy used to be the Chief Minister of Mumbai once.. now some union minister.. he's not in it for the moolah! Them Desi politicians are worth like thousands of crores.. so Deshmukh just wants to get lucky hola ni!

Kangna Ranaut .... I think she should just stick with them 'Bhatt Camp' ko movies... them Bhatts really know how to copy and paste but they always have them 'hero-nis' that even Manmohan Singh, the Desi PM would be like.. 'I aint' running shit.. I want to be them extra (dancer) with Kangana' or something like that! It would be so worth it than running after Sonia hola ni!

Jaaved Jaaferi... this guy can dance.. well, he used to when we were kids.. now he's like the Shakti Kapoor of the new millennium kya! Shakti was busy running around in them hanuman-kattus with the tuna (pronounce 'toonnna!') during them David Dhawan-Govinda days .. maybe Jaaved (got himself an extra 'a' now.. damn them Desi astrologers!) should .. I don't know.. a friend of mine said he would walk around in a thong if Nepal beat East Timor by 6 goals!

Hehe.. my advice was ... make sure you get yourself a bikini wax (ki kay bhancha ni!) before you do your 'thong song' dance.... because then there might be a Nepal Bandh by the monkeys from Pashupati!

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