Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Them Akhtars really make cool Desi movies .... be it Farhan or his sister Zoya... Farhan showed us how them upper-class Desi guys do their bhangra-sangra in Dil Chahta Hai... while Zoya gave us Luck By Chance and now ZNMD (hehe!).... and as usual... it's about them Desi folks who are living the 'good life' hola ni! And why is Katrina Kaif in this movie?

First of all, be it them Desis or Nepalis .... who gets a visa to Spain... just to hang out and learn Spanish 101? We don't ... but if you are rich or related to them politicians then you do get your passport stamped with the foreign visas ni!

Yes, them students do get them opportunities to study abroad but I don't think 99% of us with them Shark (SAARC) passports will get to go on a road trip somewhere in them EU countries kya! And even if you do... them EU-places are so freaking expensive.. it's not like NYC where you can get a Pretzel for a buck or some cheap Chinese buffet for $4.95 or travel to Boston for less than 20 dollars (but you might die ... because them drivers either fall asleep or forget they are no longer in Shanghai!)

Anyways... what the hell is Hrithik Roshan doing in this movie? He should be doing his Papa's 'Desi Super Hero' nautanki nataks ni! Oye.. I forgot.. Krrish 2 is coming out next year.... and by the time my son or daughter is 4... I will give him or her them 6-combo DVDs (tyeti bela samma tuh Part 6 and 7 pani aucha hola ni!)

Abhay Deol is cool... he sucks @ them Bollywood mix-masala movies but them Desi indies does suit him well. Check out Road Movie and Dev D! I think Abhay Deol will be around for a long tyam... Aamir Khan's bhanjey and Ranbir Kapoor will be hosting them TV shows and might move to them TV serials by 2015... yes, Guffadi's prediction hehe!

And Farhan Akhtar should either do Rock On II or direct Dil Chahta Hai II... hola! I hope we don't get 'Karthik Calling Karthik Who Calls Another Karthik' next tyam hai! And he is back directing.. Don was crap and Don 2 will be extra super-size crap hola ni!

Well, we all need the money kya... but Akhtar will be around for a while... because by 2020... Bollywood will no longer have to depend on UP,MP and Bihar to break them 100 crores @ them Box-Office! And when we have all them BPO-wallahs and their 'new' accents filling up them theatres every where ... Dil Chahta IV will make tons of dough kya!

I liked this movie.... it's pretty good but I don't know why them Desi film-wallahs need to go all the way to Spain and waste 16 tons of tomatoes and shoot them scenes @ them nude beach and then ask them nudists to not walk around when they are shooting kya? That's like... Tulsi Ghimire going to Ratnapark and asking people to disappear hola ni.. hehe!

I think this movie would have been great if the three Desi musketeers had gone to a village and they work to build them toilets and finally... all of them decide to quit their jobs and start some VC (Venture Capital) fund to help social entrepreneurs or something like that.. hehe!

And if they really want them NRI ladies... then why not have them Desi girls from New York who visit India and work in them villages for few months and fall in love with these three musketeers ni.... and then what?

Then... all three of the get married, get their papers stamped and go on a road trip .... in Amrika kya!