Monday, July 11, 2011

Long Term Plans....

Jhallu Baba is still going around attending them annual meetings and exhibitions and what not. And he is out there, releasing all them long-term plans for our great country rey! Well, that's how it is in this land of corrupt clowns and confused citizens kya!

Our comrades are very good at making promises .... like ... we will generate 40,000 MW electricity in the next twenty years... stop wasting our tyam ni! We all know that these clowns don't have any plans slans.. kay bhancha ni.. no vision.. then we perish or something like that!

If the Mao-buddies were not part of this so-called 'commie comfie coalition' cartel then all our YCL jackasses would be burning them tyres and and breaking them road-side dividers kya... protesting against them fuel price hikes and what not!

And now it's tyam to do them math sath at the end of the fiscal year... our contractors are now busy black-topping them roads soads. Feri budget sudget tuh loom-kau-noo paryo ni... hoinuh ruh? The other day, our great theke-daars were busy working on them bato @ 8pm ... @#$!ing sons of seedless cucumbers!

I think our VIP folks (them new 'Kings' kya.. the President, Prime-Monster etiyaadi) ... should only drive around town after 10pm and our public construction contractors should start their work at the same tyam kya! At least.. we won't be the ones stuck in traffic ni.. hoinuh ruh?

I think somebody needs to remind our clowns that their main task for now is to just get their act together and finish writing this so-called constitution kya! Looks like our netas are only interested in our taxpayer's money and spend their days ... making great plans on how to siphon them off by doling it out to their cadres, cousins and criminals!

We have our commie Finance Minister, Vat Mohan Adhikari (sabai bhanda khatara capitalist pig) who plans to distribute billions of Rupees to them comrades and yes, our netas do come together when it's about sharing the pie while we.... the poor citizens of this poor country suffer each day thanks to them rising food prices and what not!

We are almost half-way there... no, the constitution writing thing is not going anywhere but we now have like 45+ days and them clowns did promise us that they would give us them sneak peak of the first draft ni. Well, I guess... we will just have to party again when they extend the CA term for another 3 months this August and then what?

I don't know... either our President will have to show us his 'disco-dancing' skills or quit and go back to Bagdole (yes, that's where he lives!) and Prachandoo should move back to Delhi and start kissing them RAW agent haroo ko hairy asses and Gyanu Uncle should move to Monte Carlo... ani about us?

We don't need any @#$!ing government hoinuh ruh? Why do we need 40+ mantris and 600+ jackasses... maybe we can save some dough and everybody gets free plate of vyar vyar momo everyday ... baroo hamro tax tirey ko paisa ko tuh kehi return bhaako jasto hooncha ni! Momo tuh khanoo payo.. aroo kehi na-paye-pani!

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