Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bail Money...

The 'Sudan' scam is going nowhere... well, it looks like our former senior cops are all ready to come up with them bank guarantees kya! Former IGPs, Hem-ey dai and the 'Thakuri' Saheb have both posted their bail and now they can sail home .. hehe!

Where do our cops get them money soney.... last time I did them math.. it would have taken them former IGPs nearly 200 years to make that kind of money. How the hell can you come up with 5-7 crores Rupees?

And even them DSPs and SSPs are posting like 1.5crores bail sail and going home for some daal bhaat! Okay, they did get to spend a night in DilliBazar ko jail sail.. but they were given the jailor's bed hola! I don't think they spent a night sleeping with them inmates and sharing surti, churot and a glass of raksi ni!

Yes, our former home ministers and them agents are not responsible for them 'Sudan' mess kya! So, Rubel ... the 'Bangla' foreign prince gets to fly out of the country. Sitaula, Bam Dev and Bhim Rawan (Rawal) are still driving around town in them free SUVs and security paid for by the taxpayers... kya mazza hagi!

I think the bail amount should be increased hola... how about like 50crores kya. Then, let's see if these corrupt cops can come up with all them dhito sito for them bank guarantees ni!

I still remember DB Lama.. our former IGP who was jailed during them Panchey days... and then when GP, our great 'hawaldar' came to Kathmandu, chewing them paan saan... he freed Lama dai and gave his confiscated properties back...

What did Lama do in return? He gave GP .. 10 croroes.. got a ticket from Rasuwa, won them election selection and went on to become a minister.. haha! Now.. if that's not funny that just get a cucumber and daw-lo some dalley on it and have fun kya!

So our former IGPs should now all go to them political parties... pay them off and maybe they will also get a ticket in the next general election. And who knows... they can come back as our 'Homie' Minister and maybe then... they can figure out how to prosecute them former 'Homie' ministers who made millions from them faulty APCs and stuff kya!

I think ... the best punishment would be to send all them police officers and even our three 'jackasses' (Bhimay-Bamey-Krishney) to Sudan.. and let them stay there for six months.. in the sun and enjoy the 100+ degree weather and maybe they can drive them APCs there!

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