Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Darjeeling Limited...

Mamata didi has finally done the right thing.... and them Bengali Communists can choke on them Kolkotta Kati Rolls kya! I wish we had our netinis like Mamata didi.... but what to do yaar.. we have Sujata auntie and Bidya didi... hehe!

I think we need to have a new political party .. kya... get all 'Aama Samuha' to band together and form a new party which will kick all our 'communist' and 'opportunist' haroo ko arses kya! Let's talk about that some other day... today, we talk about Darjeeling!

Well, Darjeeling won't be another new state but they got them autonomy stuff kyaaruh... hope Bimal Gurung and his goondas learn a thing or two from our Nepali brothers and sisters in Sikkim! Darjeeling's been a daang-doong land since Subash uncle started them 'Gorkhland' dance routine.

And what did they get? Nothing but brothers killing each other ... and finally Bimal dai, Subash Ghising's side-kick decided it was tyam for the old man to go! Yes.. it's the same with them mobsters kya... the local don takes over the Godfather's empire... hehe!

Darjeeling will receive like 6 billion (Indian) Rupees in the next few years... it will be governed by them 45 netas and netinis (+5 nominated by the Central government rey!)... and let us pray and hope that Bimal and his gang will do some good work instead of just swallowing them billions of Rupees and getting richer and fatter like our netas kya.

What can we learn from Darjeeling? First, education matters... all our Dazzy bros and sis... either have a college degree or know how to play 7 different musical instruments and sing songs in Nepali, English and Danglish ... hehe!

If you look back to the 70s... all them great writers (writing in Nepali!), singers and musicians etiyaadi.... were from the 76th district kya!

Dazzy folks are friendly and they really celebrate Bhanu Bhakta ko birthday like crazy. While, we Nepalis here in Nepal... really don't care about our poets, writers, musicians ... artists and what not kya!

Yes, Kathmanduites make fun of Dazzy bros because of their 'Aaainch.. ani tuh bro, yesto ni ... ' die-logs.. but at the end of the day... we have a lot to learn from them as well.

People from Darjeeling can teach us a thing or two about what it means to be a Nepali! Jata Jau .. Jata Basoom... Mun tuh Nepali nai ho kya! I have never been to Darjeeling... but I plan to go there this year... because I want to visit Hum Jayega's residence, see that little chook-chook (train) and dance with my girlfriend.. tyo chiya-baari ma kya!

Darjeeling will never be an independent state like Sikkim. Hope Bimal dai and his gang understand that hola... but now they get to decide where they want to take Darjeeling from here onwards.... do they want to do another circus act and pit brother versus brother and fight against each other ... or forget all them daang doong and give the people of Darjeeling... what they have wanted for so long!

What is? No more shutdowns , no more daang doong... provide jobs and better services to their own people.... we are happy for our Dazzy folks... but Bimal-ey is not a leader... he is just another goon... hope he understands that now.. he can change Darjeeling for better or worse!


  1. I found the perfect song for this blog post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8GEM8vuRvU&playnext=1&list=PL50A0120F0A4E4CFE