Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap

I think them Desi script-wallahs are running out of stories... they should stop watching Hollywood movies ... baroo go back and watch them Bollywood movies from the 60s kya!

Every Desi movie seems to be about them Dons from Mumbai! or 'Encounter' specialist! What about them 20 million Desi folks who live in Mumbai kya? Baroo.. make a movie about that guy who sells 'Paani puri' all day and moonlights as a hit-man at night... hehe!

Here in Nepal, all them dailies only write about our netas and their chamchas! But our Kollywood has never made a movie about them corrupt clowns and their criminal cadres kya! I hope someday our Kollywood will show us the 'real' Nepal ... but until then we will have to shut up and watch them dishoom-dishoom movies and Rekha Thapa's so-called sexy dance moves hola ni!

Anyways, let's get back to 'Bbuddah....' .... I think Amitabh should have asked the director the change the title kya. How about 'Bbuddah Ho Gaya Amitabh!' or 'Meh Buddah Aur Tu Buddhi' ?

Amitabh was once them 'angry young man' ... and now he is trying hard to be a 'funny old man' kyaaruh! Hema Malini used to the be the 'dream girl' .. and now she is ... well, she still looks great hagi!

This movie's budget was around 10 crores... they sold the satellite rights ki kay bhanch ni ... for 14 crores rey. Lau... feelim banau-noo bhanda pahila nai profit kya! Raveena Tandon is back.... not a comeback but I think she just needed to buy a new Jaguar or something hola!

A friend of mine ... khoi kata baatuh ho .... got hold of Raveena's direct line ... many years back! No, I am not kidding.. this is a true story kya! During the time of cheap watery 'Bud-Light' and pork chops... my saathi used to call Raveena every week and talk to her mother.. hehe!

Well, Raveena was a busy actress then... but he got along with her mother ... and he was like.. the number #1 fan (just like our brother from London, Lex Limbu is fan of Jharana)! They never met... but now it's 'Facebook' ruh 'Skype' ko jawana... so I hope he has added her as his friend and is busy skyping hola ni!

Amitabh should not do jpt movies anymore... he is now a senior citizen. He should do one 'last' movie and then call it quits kya! Or be like that Scottish old man, Sean Connery hola!

I think Ram Gopal Varma should write the 'final finale' .... no, not Sarkar Warkar thing again.... but the final goodbye movie for Amitabh... the man who changed Bollywood from .... them 'British-style' clothing and sophisticated looks to 'angry paan chewing Dhoti wearing' Hero-hiralal circus act...hehe!

So what would the final movie be about? I don't know.... but like there will only be one 'Madonna', 'Maradona' and 'Michael'.... there will only be one and only.... 'Big B' ... so why not go out with a bang .... instead of a foos-foos kya?


  1. Nice one, I wish Nepali movie had dhisum-dhisum 15 years back, so that I didn't have to bother searching chinese jakie chan's movie on video cassete pasal. Kolywood should change with time. "Buddha ho gaya Amithab fit good"