Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are You Faking it?

Our great Finance Minister, VAT Mohan Adhikari is getting ready to give his Oscar-winning speech tomorrow... yes, it's the beginning of the 'Let us dole out taxpayers' money to our own cadres' festival. Hope he doesn't get jumped on like the previous UML guy who was severely molested by the Mao-buddies..hehe!

Every year, them raksi, gaadi and anything electronics haroo ko taxes are raised by our government because our sarkaari hakims and netas want to tax the rich (or the ones who can afford them stuff) and not feed the poor ... but themselves kya!

And our byaparis made billions by submitting them fake VAT-bills and they will continue to make more because we have great communists netas who will do anything to help the (rich) people! And talking about faking it... it's not only them business-wallahs... everybody does it kya!

Our lawmakers submit them fake bills for them hospitals that don't exist and for them field visits they never went to .... while our contractors and the local netas get paid for the roads they never built, the pigs they never reared and the food stuff they never sent to them folks in rural areas!

While fake 'Youth' leaders (yes, them UML have all them gangstas!) like that don from Biratnagar makes billions and is yet to be found... Bin Laden should have hidden in Biratnagar.. he would still be watching them Desi Channel ko 'Laughter Challenge' or something!

Another UML Youth Force leader, gangster 'Chari' gets busted for his sword-fighting, tender grabbing skills and then is released because our netas call up them SPs and threaten to stop their promotion etiyaadi.

Now, he is back in jail ... for trying to sell them rhino ko singh wing rey.... but he will get out once again because KP Oli seems to be all them goondas haroo ko Godfather kya! And Oli gets like 25 security personnel and free vehicles and petrol etiyaadi.. just because he was once our 'homie' minister... saaley thug haroo (Nepali ma pani 'thug' nai ho!).

And what about us? Well, our @#$%!ing netas, them fake fakirs have been charming us with their fake tunes since Mohan Shumsher decided to go clubbing in Bangalore! I guess we, the jantas are like snakes hola ni and them corrupt clowns haroo chai.. tyo snake charmers haroo kya!

We are really cool people hagi... we have also been faking it for the last 60 years... acting like everything is okay and turning a blind eye (we all have moti-bindus .. calling Dr. Ruit!) to all them corruption and I guess... we are just happy to live in chaos and confusion hola ni!

So, let us not place high hopes on our clowns to get it right because all this circus act will not help the country or common citizens. It's always about doling funds to their own comrades, cousins and chamchas!

And our netas don't really care about the constitution because they are just drunk happy with all them dineros they can make from all the chaada-taal ko corruption kya! Kay garney? Khoi... ghar ma basney, daal bhat khaney ani Murakami ko 'Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World' pawd-ney ni!

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