Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Quit.....

Sushil Da is still having fun visiting all them new places... he was in New York and now he's in New Delhi, kissing them Desi netas haroo ko arses! Our netas all do the same nautanki dance sance in front of them Desis ... it doesn't matter if you are Mao-buddy, a Madeshi or a moron kya!

And Sher-ey thinks he is the best man to lead the so-called national government. Yes, you are ... and so is KP Oli and Kamal Thapa and the Bhaktapur ko Raja, Mr. Bijukche.. hehe!

Prachandoo Sarkar wants to quit rey.. really? No.. but if he moved to Bollywood then he could really win them Filmfare awards hola ni. Gyanu uncle did quit... and he now spends his days.. smoking 3 packs of churot, a few pegs at night while listening to them old Hindi songs and not to forget.. if you meet him in them Facebook ko poker games then don't forget to ask him for some chips hai.. hehe!

Why on earth would Prachandoo quit? He can't, he won't and he shouldn't .... you can't just give up them angry young PLA Rambos and Rambo-nis .. that's your muscle kya! And you can't just pack your bags and leave for Chitwan and be a dairy farmer because you will make only 10-15 lakhs a year!

And according to the Guffadi Foundation (yes like them RAND SAND, Heritage Foundation in Amrika!) ... Prachandoo's personal daily pocket money from the trade unions and extortion rackets amounts to like.. Rs 3.73 lakhs rey!

Ho ruh bhanya? Khoi... Butwal ma 20 karod ko jagga , 10 maa nai chapai-halyo kyaaruh ... so do your math ni! 10 years and 13,000 lives wasted... so that our comrades can drive around in them gas guzzling SUVs and live like Brunei ko Sultan ko drivers srivers... you know, even the Sultan's ass-wiper is worth millions rey kya!

Prachandoo has been wearing tyo '#10' jersey since 1995... and it's about tyam... he handed over the team captain's band to BRB kya! Mohan Baidya is just another grumpy old man and he will be satisfied if he gets a bottle of them blue pills every week rey. But BRB is not your usual local comrade who drinks bideshi whiskey and has investments in them local private schools, hospitals and jagga sagga!

BRB is not a sell out.. he would rather die like Bhimsen Thapa rey.... okay, Dr. Saheb.. why don't you build another big tower sower somewhere in Sanepa and then we can name it Baburam-Sthamba or something and then you know... be our Prime-Monster for like 30+ years and then finally do the 'Hara-kiri' Mao-baadi eestyle ni!

We all know that Jhallu, Makune or even Sher-ey will never be our Prime-Monster again if we do have another general election in this land... and if we do get some constitution thing and go for them Choo-naab next year... then we all know that even the Mao-buddies will not get any majority kya!

It will probably be the Mao-Madeshi-Morons (other comrades) coalition government ruling Nepal every six months and then another nautanki government.. so it will just be like the good old days kya!

So Prachandoo.. if you really want to quit .. then just quit now.. because this is the right tyam.... go to Kashi and live a life of a Sadhu or something... well, you can always buy a bottle of whiskey from the Desis.. if not ... then just do what you like kya.... either go back to the jungle, eat Wai Wai (ye, I forgot .. you will go and hide in Delhi again!) and buy all the pressure cookers available in the market !

Or just kiss all them bideshi arses.... because at the end of the day, you might suck us dry by extorting everyone and closing down them schools, industries and what not... but if you don't suck wuck the Desis' gola (tyo Desi ice-cream kya .. feri !) then tapai pani gayeb hola... hehe!


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  2. haha...nice rhyming at the end!