Thursday, July 14, 2011

Budget 2011-12....

Jhan Aajuh Budget Bhaa-shawn soon-choo bhaneko.. VAT Mohan aka 'Bhaat-Maara' tuh soot-ay-ruh po basey-cha ni! Yes, wanted to hear Vatty dai, our Finance Minister give his 'I speak, you go to sleep' budget speech but looks like he has backed out because he doesn't want to get beaten up by our Madeshi Rambos ni!

Last year, another Finance Minister was nearly stripped down to his lagau-thi (Nepali thong song!) when the Mao-buddies decided to snatch his briefcase and tear them paper saper kya... so Vatty dai was like 'The Madeshis netas might just start slapping me and I am an old man... I can't do this'... rey!

Now... all you need to do is throw a few billion Rupees to our so-called Madeshi netas and then it's back to business kya! Sharing is caring bhancha ni... our netas love to share the loot ani janta ko dhaad ma chahi tyehi chor-police ko sasto boot kya!

So... it's been put off till tomorrow... and our own Kangaroo, Sushil Da arrives from Delhi as well... maybe he has some tricks up his sleeves thanks to his kissing them Desi neta and neti-nis arses! Talking about India.. our prayers to them bomb blasts victims and their families!

Hope that Shiva Sena cartoonist will not go on a rant and lash out against innocent Muslim folks ... Mumbai is a tough town and them Mumbaikars are resilient folks... but what have them Desi government learned so far?... this is not the first tyam ni... 2008 pani birsey cha tee gadha Desi neta haroo lay!

I still remember them 1993 tiruh ko Bombay Blast.... yes, it was still Bombay then kya.... and now here we are ... 2011 ma pani.... where are them so-called RAW agents, CBI clowns and the Mumbai encounter-wallahs?

I guess they are too busy running around Kathmandu hola ni.... calling New Delhi... secure your home first kya! Them Desi politicians will now blame each other ... and at the end of the day, be it India, Nepal or them Shark (SAARC) countries... we, the people suffer while them netas and their families get all them security paid for by them taxpayers' money kya!

Ye.. let's get back to the budget story. Our budget is not for the people.. it's for them cadres, criminals and civil servants. What about them netas? Well, they get their cut from all of them kya.. hehe!

And as usual... your drinks will get expensive, you will pay more taxes on them vehicles and what not... but NOC will still sell adulterated fuel (tyo pani shortage wortage!), NEA will still give you 18hrs to dance in the dark, NAC will cancel them flights and will end up with no planes... NTC will probably come up with a 'no network 24 hrs service' ...

So... stop buying them bideshi rakshi, go to a gaun and learn how to make them local raksi from some hajur-ama, blend them leftovers with cooking oil and experiment.. you might find the solution to the fuel crisis, dance in the dark and be proud that our government is doing a favor to Mother Earth by turning off them lights and throw away your cell phones, train them stray pigeons and start your private mail carrier service in Kathmandu!

What about NAC? Why the @#$! do you need to fly? Just walk kya.. walking is healthy and if your college wants you to be in Texas by August 24th, tell them.... ' I will be there.... in 2020!' .. hehe!

Jai Hos.. hope our netas and their chamchas have another year of fun with our funds while we get nothing more but only bunds (bandhs!) kya.

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  1. Jeez.. getting crazy out there ha? I mean every single day all you hear is corruption, incompetent leader/s making yet another promise/s that won't be able to keep.
    How do you do it? I mean you get everyday and is forced to listen to these suckers and at the same time watch your country disintegrate??
    I admire your courage!