Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night Bus in Kathmandu....

KMC (Kathmandu Municipal Corporation) plans to roll out them 'Night Time' bus service rey. I have been hearing this for the last 3-4 years... and nothing has happened so far!

I think we will finally get them 'ratri' bus in the valley when our comrades fulfill their promises of providing 40,000 MW electricity hola ni.
Baroo tyes bela chahi.. we can have all them electric vehicles ni.. since we won't have to deal with load shedding.. hehe! And maybe we won't spend all our money importing them oil soil ni!

KMC is the same organization which plans to bring more taxis in the valley. So I really don't trust them or them sarkaari chors who are running our Nagar-Palikas and VDCs (also known as as Ga-Bee-Saw.. Gau Bikash Samiti .. hehe!)

A year ago.. somebody wanted to introduce them motorcycle-taxis in Kathmandu but it didn't work out! Well, we have 400,000 bikes in the valley. Yes, I am not making this up .. Baggi Khana (Traffic Police ko HQ) ko DSP lay malai bhaney ko!

I think it should be mandatory that them bike-wallahs have somebody riding with them kya. @#$! car-pooling nataks.. abuh gaadi chalau-ney thau chaina hai yo sahar ma! How about ... mandatory bike-pooling from 9am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm kya.... tyeso bhayo bhaney, we might have like less bikes on them road soad ... and all them SUVs wallahs should only be allowed to show their $100,000+ gaadi (where most people make less than $200 a month.. Kathmandu ma ni!) after dark.

And all our ministers, prime-monster, President and all them fake-VAT Bill wallahs can drive around after 10pm ni! Ani traffic jam pani ali kum hooncha ki?

Yes, let's not leave them car-wallahs alone either. If you are driving them 'Reva' thing... then you better koach-aa-ing 3 people in the back. I think Kunda Dixit dai can do that.. hehe!

If you are a jagga-dalal and busy running around in them Hoon-dai i10, i20 or santro wantro shit then you better drop them villagers back to the city kya. Sabai plotting slotting tuh wari pari ko gau sau ma nai tuh ho ni!

And to all them so-called Range Rover-wallahs.... please help your fellow citizens by giving them lift sift kya... nothing wrong with driving a Rolls Royce in Hong Kong but this is Kathmandu ... why the @#$! do you need a 'Ek Karod' ko gaadi?

Baroo .. if you really want to show off then show us your fake VAT bills or how you made your moolah by bribing everyone in that Ministry or the other one ni... shaan nai dekhau-nay ho bhaney.. baroo get a bicycle .. tyo pani encrusted with them diamonds siamonds hola ni.... hehe!

And them VW (the new ones ... Nepal ko laagi) driven around by our '90210' Nepzie ladies.. hehe... please drop few ladies at Hardic or Rage Fitness before you drive to Radisson and hang out with Anil Shah..hehe!

The Mega Bank CEO should quit his job and baroo.... KMC ko Mayor ko laagi ladoom nuh... yes, we need them local rep kya... and you may not be as rich as Bloomberg but instead of taking them '6' train to City Hall... Anil dai can take the local Micro Bus.. to work .. that is when you be them Mayor sayor kya!

So if this 'Night' service thing really does happen then we can save tons of money ni. After 8:15pm... you are less likely (never!) to get a Micro-Bus kya. Then you need to hop into a cab and the meter is either tweaked (1.5 -2 Call... Ek Call tuh sabai ko hooncha ni!) or Robert De Niro's cousin will ask you to double the normal fare and you have no choice but to hand over your hard earned money kya!

Abuh 'ratri' bus sus kasley chawd-ney? People like me, them 'union' workers (from restaurants) and lot of jadiyas! And I hope our khalasis bhais will have them 'sick bag' ready because we don't want them drunks to be puking all over them buses ni!

Kay garney.. Naya Nepal ma... them alcohol syal-ko-hall ko price go up by 10% while them juice suice chahi 70% lay bhau badey cha. Lau thank you VAT Mohan bhaatey, our Finance Minister ...daaka!

And thank God... or Lord Indra or whoever... it rained like crazy today and we shocked the world by scoring a goal against Jordan and the game ended in a tie kya!

Well, them Arabs move to the third round of WC qualifiers by 10-1 score.. hehe!
Them Jordanians will never forget Kathmandu.... and our Rangasala... where them football field is like our bato ghato... puddle, muddle... and our national players and them Jordi bhais .. were running around and slipping here and there... as if they really wanted to cuddle kya!

If Nepal gets to host them World Cup thing some day.. then it would be great... July is like our monsoon tyam ni.... and our national team should practice more .... playing in the puddle suddle... and hopefully we might win that damn thing pani!


  1. mega bank ko ceo looked very hensum wt nepali flag draped around him today, ani maybe you should go for tht mayor ko post when we get our local election. i'll vote for u, i/m eligible, i swear :)

  2. @fictionpark... hehe... thanks!