Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lumbini Visit Year 2012

All our netas seem to be in love with Lumbini hagi. Even our Mao-buddies who are supposed to be atheist have found God hola ni. Dr. Saheb has formed a 'Guinness World Record' nai toad-ney organizing committee of 108 great folks rey.

And the organizing committee plan to invite Jackie Chan, Rekha and Shah Rukh Khan to be them goodwill ambassadors for this 'Lumbini Visit Year - 2012' campaign.

Nixon got to share a cup of noodles with Mao, thanks to his 'Ping Pong' diplomacy nataks abuh hami chahi... I guess we are doing the 'Celebrity' diplomacy thing hola.

Hope Jackie Chan will also make another 'action' movie in Lumbini. Movie ko story chahi: He is a monk in a Chinese monastery in Lumbini and then gets into a fight with the local dons or something like that.

Ani what do we do with Rekha and Shah Rukh Khan? I think Danny Dengzopa would have been a good fit or even Shekhar Kapur ( I hear he's into Buddhism) or even Uma Thurman ko bau, the Professor from New York ni.

Rekha is still beautiful and she can do a reunion movie with Amitabh hola ni... Lumbini ko garden ma gaana saana ki kaso? Shah Rukh Khan played 'Ashoka' abuh maybe he should play 'Siddartha Gautam' ki kaso?

The 'LVY' campaign aims to bring around a million tourists rey... feri .. is this like Nepal Tourism Year 2011 ko sequel ki kya ho?

And our comrade chairman, Prachandoo is heading to NYC on November 5th to have a cup of coffee and bagel with the UN football team ko captain, Mr. Ban ki Moon and talk about disney-fication of Lumbini.

I think it's about tyam, all them cement factories around Lumbini should be relocated somewhere else. Ani Lumbini jaaney bato baroo Japanese lay arko six-lane highway banai diney ho ki?

There are many Buddhist businessmen in Nepal. From Vaidya to Jyoti and them Shakyas and Tuladhars. I think they have better 'international' networks than our comrade chairman who only knows a few people from RAW (the Indian intelligence agency!).

The only reason Prachandoo is running around, trying to get 'international' support for Lumbini chahi... he wants some commission from them '3 billion dollar' investment thing kya.

10% khaye pani 300 million US$... ani tyes pachi , our comrades won't have to extort and act like a mafia organization hola ni. I hope comrade chairman will stop attending them so-called 'Chinese' NGO ko meeting as co-vice-chairman hehe!

How stupid can you be ? You have already been a Prime-Monster of Nepal.. yeso ali ali class slass dehkau-noo ni hoinuh ruh? Why is he acting like a lobbyist for some 'shady' organization kya?

I think our government should run a decade long 'tourism' campaign. Next year 'Lumbini' bhayee halyo.. arko barsa 'Pokhara' , tyes pachi 'Bandipur' and so on.

Baroo... come up with a plan and once Lumbini has all them highways, international airport and hotels (to accommodate all them tourists and pilgrims) ani balla po 'Visit Lumbini' campaign soo-roo garney ni! A million tuh kay.. 10 million nai aucha hola ni tyes pachi tuh!

Our netas neither have any plan slan nor do they promise that they won't do any bandhs and nautanki nataks kya. Mukh ma jay ayo bolyo... now Prachandoo tells us that they won't get things done by November 30th ... arko 6 months extension chai-hi-yo rey.

Maybe he should just quit politics and devote all his energy and nautanki nataks on Lumbini. He can keep the 10% and his son can update his facebook albums.... Lumbini ko garden ma bandook samatey-ruh photo kichney hola ni feri comrade crown prince lay.. hehe!

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