Tuesday, November 1, 2011

100,000 and counting...

I started guff-ing back in 1997... .tyeti bela blog slog bhanney thiyenuh kyaaruh! I had them free account at tripod.com and my friend from the UK would do his 'cool' cartoons for my so-called guff-ing site.

So it's been 14 years since I started writing guffs online. Back then, our Mao-buddies were just starting to steal them old rusty guns from some remote police post here and there. The Congressis were busy looting the national coffer and late King Birendra would walk from his palace to his daughter's ghar in Thamel once in a while and folks were more laid back.

Today, we are a 'republic' , but it has been more of a 'rip off the public' nataks so far. The monarchy is gone... the Maoists and Madeshi netas make money while the Congressis are broke and once again on the verge of a break-up.

I discontinued my guffs on 2001 after the 'Royal Massacre' ... I don't know why... then began my guff suff on 2003 and then quit on 2007. Tyes pachi, feri.... I began on late 2008 but began writing daily from October 2nd, 2010 till October end ... but I broke my vow of daily-guffing last week .. hehe!

Yes, Nepal has changed except our 'Nepal Police' ... hehe! They still act like chors and cannot speak without using foul language and bamboo sticks! We don't have netas like Ganesh Man Singh, Man Mohan Adhikari, Madan Bhandari .... we have Baban Singh, VAT Mohan Adhikari (he was there pahila pani!) and the panchey-congressi-madeshi neta Sharad Singh Bhandari hehe!

We don't have them black tyampoos and Vikram tyampoos anymore. But we have 'Safa' Tyampoos now ... that's good! Sajha Buses are now rusting in them Sajha ko parking lot. Now, we have them 'killer' Micros ni.. that's not good!

We had so-called fashion models then and we still do... baroo instead of them models, I think it's about tyam we all learned to play the 'maadal' hola... hehe! With due respect to them 'models' and all them so-called 'beauty queens' but Malina Joshi represents the 'real' Nepali woman!

She is beautiful, smart ani paw-dya pani chin ni... I hope she doesn't date some rich byapari's son like them previous Miss Nepals and act like a 'trophy' girlfriend ... hehe!

It doesn't matter if you are only matric-pass or have a Master's in Conflict Resolution or something... taruh be a good person ni... don't act like Paris Hilton kya... we are not in Hollywood hai!

I think she should go for a PhD hola... that would really intimidate our so-called 'KTM' ko heroes ... who think driving a SUV and talking about Ambanis and Trump's daughter is really inspiring.

Baroo ... if you have all them 'fake VAT Bill' ko millions in your bank account then why not build a school in Dolpa or fund a local (free) health clinic ni?

We had better roads, street lights and ali ramro waste management system then... now, naw bato ramro, jaado lagey ki batti nai gayeb ani naw tuh fohor ko management nai cha!

Of course, population in the valley has increased from half a million to more than 5+ million ni.... and unless we have local elections and local ward chairpersons and mayor-nis... we really won't see much improvement in our roads and tole sole kya. Our so-called all-party gangsters will continue to steal our state funds and we will continue to stay quiet and go on with our lives hola ni!

Anyways, I just want to thank all of you ... wherever you are ... for reading my guffs! A year ago, on this day, I had like 1,400 page views kyaaruh. I only wrote kahiley kaahi then... ahiley tuh, we have crossed the 100,000 mark!

Tyam to party hola... so this year, I will be sending you a Christmas/New Year card to all them folks who read my blog. It doesn't matter where you are ... as long as you are not an astronaut and up there in some space station kya. Just send me an email at guffadi@gmail.com!

Please mention your full name, DOB, mailing address. I promise to send you a X'mas/New Year card this year and maybe the next one will be when this guff-ing site reaches the million mark hola ni.. hehe!

And from November 1st onwards, I will only be writing what you want me to write about or something like that. Tomorrow, I will be guff-ing about 'civic sense in Nepal' then on Nov 2nd chahi, 'Things to do in Nepal' and third ma '10 things ....' . Thank you Min, Niva and Sagainspired for giving me the topic!

If you want me to guff about something, then do use the 'comment' section below and mention the date pani. Nov 4th dekhi sabai khaali na cha hai!

Once again, thank you and God Bless America... ye sorry.. Naya Nepal!

Ye.. and a big thank you to one of the Guffadians who has decided to open a Facebook fan page.. thanks hai! I will buy you a dinner when you are in town hai!

Do visit the Guffadi FB Page and likes sikes it pani!

And thank you Nepali Times, esp the famous writer, Rabi Thapa for paying me to publish my guffs. And of course, Republica and their crew ... for having me as one of them blogumnists hehe! And thank you to my love, coach, editor and therapist pani.. I love you!


  1. why not write about 11/11/11 on 11th Nov 2011

  2. Congrats for the 100,000 milestone.

    I am more like a Internet person and can't help telling you that the google + button is a flop :P.

    i do the +1 some times, even though i use '+' about 2wice a month, and really don't see much use of it here.

    Tetro nepali haru facebook chalauchan, baru +1 ko satta facebook ko like button rakhey ramro huncha.

    Facebook like button is way better(cooler :p, attracts more shares) than the small facebook icon on the bottom of a post with other shares kya.

    if you need any help setting it up, i am happy to :)

  3. on Nov 4th how about "If I become the Prime Monster"
    I guess you would do great.


  5. Also, this picture has been edited? In this one you're wearing a half-pyant instead of the rato-tato kattu?

  6. @Shethinkstoherself I think it was changed soon after guffadi requested to.

    It is still a kattu, half kattu :P