Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Adventures of Tin Tin ...

I think most us have been fans of Tin Tin when we first discovered then comics during them boarding school days hehe! So when I heard that they were showing Tin Tin 3D natak ... I decided to go and watch it with my coach , a fashionista, a poetess and a scientist (she has a Msc in Physics so she knows more about Einstein than I do hola)

After all, the movie was directed by Speilberg and produced by him and Peter Jackson ni. So I was really excited ni.... but I am sad to say the sukeko chicken roll, the flat soda and foos-foos popcorn tasted better than the movie itself!

Just like we expected our Dr. Saheb, Babu Bhatta (trying to shorten everything these days hehe!) to deliver.... I really thought this movie would be really babaal... but I have to give it a C+ and only because Speilberg directed it or else... it would have been a D- nai hola!

There are so many stories to choose from but why the @#!$ did Jackson and Speilberg decide to do it on that 'Unicorn' BS kya? Haven't they heard about our brother, Johnny Depp and his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series..... they should have gone to Africa or even Tibet but no, they had to do the 'pirate' and the 'treasure' thing and screw it up for us!

And yes, Captain Haddock is a funny man but it's supposed to be about Tin Tin ni.... it's like Rajnikanth getting overshadowed by I don't know.. Johnny Lever hehe!

I hear they plan to do two more movies rey... well, they thought this one would rake in the moolah at the BO... well they didn't even get their money back rey. They spent 135 million dollars making it .... and if you do the Hollywood accounting natak, you need to make at least three times more to break even.... so I guess, the studios will just try to sell more toys and video games hola ni.

Anyways, hope they do make them sequels and what not and Jackson (he was supposed to direct the next one) will make it more interesting and not like that 'King Kong' bakwaas he made with Jack Black... hehe!

I hope to go watch 'Immortals' this week.... at least it will be full-on action and masala.... and no I haven't Rockstar yet. Some folks really loved it and some hated it ... ek jana ko fb status tuh.. Ranbir ... teri haq tuhi rakh rey... hehe!


  1. Tin Tin is fine when we were in school but now its atti nai huncha hola, i mean watching tin tin in 3D,

  2. immortals will mortify you re! someone said so. (i still would like to say I loved Tin Tin :D )

  3. aww i have waiting for tin tin to be realese here ever since it was announced, now i'm in doubt!!

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  5. Free advice : Don't watch 'Immortals', more BS than Tin Tin(haven't watched tin tin but it's 'More') However if you gonna watch it then don't expect '300' or any kind of story :p

    And thanks for little review. I was really waiting for a Good movie reviewer ( hatkee reviewer ). What do you think :?

  6. I think Tin Tin was a good movie but you know, you expect Speilberg to give us some more masala ni... anyways.... if any of you haven't watched it then you should go watch it kya...

    About 'Immortals'... I think I will watch it because we all need time to enjoy them popcorn and soda while the daang doong goes on ni hehe!