Saturday, November 5, 2011

Off to New York...

Prachandoo, our Emperor is once again flying to New York City to ask them UN-wallahs for some support for his 'Lumbini' plan slan. And he is taking a Congressi neta and a banker with him. But why the @$!# does he need to take his son with him whenever he flies to them foreign lands kya?

Yes, I understand that he was a computer operator when Prachandoo was our Prime-Monster ... abuh chai kay title liyeruh gaako ho kunni? And he gets to travel with his daddy at our taxpayers' expense kya! Kya mazza hamra communist haroo lai.. sabai capitalist rastra haroo ko vraman gardai basnoos!

I think our current crown prince should enjoy his foreign trips and upload more pics on his Facebook albums kya. Thank God... we are not India where them netas' kids go on to head them parties and become netas as well!

Look at Rahul Gandhi. He will be heading the Congress Party next year. At least here in our home, we don't have that kind of 'hereditary' succession kya. Well, we had them 'Rana Shashun' ni but that was 60 years ago... but we should be happy that Sujata Koirala will not be Queen and Prakash Dahal will not be our Emperor anytime soon kya.

I have no freaking idea why Prachandoo sarkar is in such a hurry to promote his 'Lumbini' master plan and ask for them foreign investors to pitch in? Or he just wants to keep himself busy while Baburam dai is living in Baluwatar hola ni.

The PLA combatants fought for their party not for Nepal kya. So, I think Mao Inc. should pay their 'package' deal ni. And since Prachandoo sarkar is cozy with Manoj Bahadur Shrestha, the chairman of Himalayan Bank.. maybe Manoj sahuji can pay them combatants hola?

Manoj dai might not be in the news or them papers like them Khetans, Chow-dhurys or Golchas but I hear... he has more dough than them marwaari sahujis rey. And why is a private bank ko chairman hanging out with Prachandoo sarkar?

Something is fishy hagi... maybe our comrade chairman can only trust another chairman... after all both are byaparis ni. Yestai ho ... nakkali communists haroo ko taal. Or maybe sabai Mao Inc. ko paisa Himalayan Bank ma nai rakhya holan tuh?

I think it's about tyam, somebody opened a new 'communist' party hola. @$#! Mao, Lenin and Stalin.. abuh Communist Party Nepal (Che) soo-roo garnoo parla ni.

And you don't even need to extort them business houses or local school teachers to fund your party event kya. Nearly all so-called 'liberal' Kathmanduites have a 'Che' t-shirt or topi or bandana ni... hehe!

I hope our comrade chairman enjoys his visit to Amrika again. And may his son take thousands of pictures and maybe make a Youtube video hola..... afnai ni.. hotdog khaa-ko, coffee ruh bagel chapa-ko, Jackson Heights ma gayeruh Nepali restaurant ma sukuti ruh dhi-do nileko etiyaadi!

And our comrade chairman wants to meet Obama rey and have like a late lunch with him and spend an hour or two at the White House rey. Obama is worried about getting re-elected kya..... I don't think he would want to hang out with a vice-chairmen of some 'nakkali' Chinese NGO ni.

Ahiley tuh Prime-Monster pani hoinuh.... yetti kai Obama lay bhetyo bhaney bholi feri Jon Stewart lay joke banau laa ni Obama ko .. hehe!

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