Friday, November 11, 2011


Today, I am writing about 11-11-11 as suggested by 'Zinxed' ....

If you follow them 'Mayan' calender then we have like a year to go before the world ends kyaaruh. And a friend of mine is celebrating today as if the world will end on Saturday nai hehe!

Last year, we had 10-10-10 and there were some cool parties around town and of course I didn't attend them hehe!

So now it's 11th of the 11th month of 2011! What are we celebrating today? I don't know.

The Microbus wallahs have hiked their fares ... thanks to the recent fuel price hike by our government. Now it cost us a Rupee more .... gaadi ma chadey ki 13 rupaiya rey!

Rajesh Hamal is not your daddy... so maybe we should celebrate Rajesh dai's visit to the Hanumandhoka police station. I don't understand how our Nepal Police works kya... if somebody files a complaint against you then you have to visit the police wallahs and give your safai rey or else you will be arrested rey. Khoi kun chai school paw-dya hoon yi police wallah haroo?

Anyways, a lady cop filed some kind of a complaint accusing Rajesh dai for being her children's daddy. We don't talk much about mental illnesses in Nepal but yes, if the lady is suffering from them mental stuff then she needs some help ni. She was on medication rey and then she quit and then began all this natak hola.

Or should we ask Rajesh dai to take them tests sests kya? And our Nepali court doesn't accept them DNA tests rey... yes, did you know that? Well, now you know ni.... and our police wallahs even ask them so-called Babas and Matas to solve them crimes ... hehe!

I think most of us are depressed now and then but some of us do like to stay in our rooms for days and just sleep hola. Tyesto bela ma chai, please visit a shrink. Get some counseling and even medications if it helps. Desh ko halat hare-daa tuh , our netas should be visiting them shrinks as well.... hagi!

I think most of our netas are narcissists ... they really do need some help! And Rajesh dai should either get married or come out of the closet or join an ashram hola or whatever so that he won't be accused of making babies kya!

Rajesh dai was supposed to get married to some 25 year old lady this year. I think he is waiting for 12-12-12 hola ni or maybe he should add his 'college' ko sweet heart, a Punjabi lady (Facebook ma!) and maybe organize a reunion here in Kathmandu. Maybe his college buddies can help him find the right one hola!

How come Rajesh dai didn't get to be the 'goodwill' ambassador thing for 'Lumbini Visit Year' nataks? Rajesh is our superstar... why are we asking them Desis and Dumpling celebrities to represent Nepal and not asking the king of Kollywood kya?

Okay, we were supposed to talk about 11-11-11 and not Rajesh dai ni..... abuh arko barsa chahi 12-12-12 hooncha, ani tyo din chahi manau-noo parla ni! Why? Well, after that you will never get to celebrate them eutai din, eutai mahina, euta year kya... unless you decide to invent a new calender or find the fountain of youth or become a vampire and live for another thousand years hola ni.

And who knows .. the world might finally end tyeti bela nai... so start loving your family, friends and even foes haroo! And of course do make sure that you are fully prepared for the 'big one' coming to Kathmandu on 7th June 2012 rey.

Yes, the fortune teller in front of the National Zoo (Jawlakhel) lay bhanya. So make sure you have them wai-wai, chuira etiyaadi..... ani tyo torch-light bhaako helmet tuh Khasa batuh 1-2 container nai magaunoo parla jasto cha!

We have the AD (the Angrezi calender), BS (Bikram Sambat), NS (Nepal Sambat) and maybe once we get this 'constitution writing' thing done, we can start at year 1 hola ki kaso?

Anyways, today @ 11:11am , let's all drink our coffee, tea, joos soos and celebrate hola and for our party-wallahs they can drink whatever they want at 11:11pm ni.


  1. Hi Guffadi,

    Great post, as usual!

    I am late in submitting my topic, but if there are any days left in November (date is your choice), I would love it if you could conjure up some guff on the following:

    "Obligations of non-resident Nepalis to Nepal"

    Due to lack of opportunities in Nepal, huge numbers of young Nepalis find work overseas and end up settling there permanently. What are the obligations of those expats to Nepal? Should they bring their family members to their new country and strengthen the NRN community? Should they plan to return to Nepal someday to teach the next generation? Should they have their kids do some of their schooling in Nepal to make sure they understand what it means to be Nepali? Please share your thoughts, even if only marginally on topic. :D

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks guffadi ..that was a nice one ... just like i celebrated 10/10/10 by eating 10 momo's might be i will be eating 11 momo's this 11/11/11.. your kinda vyar vyar momo :)

  3. haha. You seem to know quite a bit about Rajesh dai! Hilarious post.

  4. @Amy .... thanks, will try to guff about it soon hai.

    @zinxguru.... thanks.. yes vyar vyar momo... good good!

    @braindead.. hehe.. Rajesh Dai is our Rajnikanth or Rajni is Tamil Rajesh dai bhannoo parla ni... haha!