Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trade Unions...

Today, we will talk about 'Trade Unions' in Nepal, as suggested by Shavash! I think the 'trade unions' ko history goes all the way back to the late 40s in Biratnagar where they had them (4-5 wata) factories sactories and both former prime ministers, late GP... the 'Hawaldar' and Man Mohan Adhikari (UML) started out as trade union leaders kyaaruh.

But let's forget the past and talk about today hai. Today, the biggest and baddest trade union chahi them Maoists haroo ko nai ho. And trade unions are cash cows for our political parties and the Mao-buddies have now more than half a million members in their trade unions rey.

Them UMLs and Congressis have their own trade unions but they don't have enough mundrey goondas hehe.... but they do flaunt their muscles now and then and so do our new 'Madeshi' trade unions!

And our political parties know that they will have enough folks out on the street when they call them strikes and what not. They will ask or (force) their union members to leave their jobs and participate in them rallies, chakka jams and them workers have no option but to join the 'natak' or else they will have to face the consequences kya.

After our great comrades decided to quit camping and live in the cities, nearly all them small businesses haroo ma pani union ghoo-shyo kyaaruh.

I think you must have heard about 'Fire & Ice' in Thamel. Better call them up for reservation if you plan to go there on a Friday night. They have decent pizzas (okay, Nepal ko laagi, dherai ramro!) and the staff are well trained pani.

But like majority of them 'chal-ney' restaurants, they also have a union there and they belong to the Maoist trade union. There are many restaurants in Kathmandu where the dishwasher gets 2,000 and the waiter gets like 4 grand kyaaruh. You won't see them unions in them places!

But if you go to Roadhouse, Fire & Ice or even Bakery Cafe then tyee thau haroo ma sabai union kai manchey haroo! And them restaurants actually pay way above the minimum wage (nearly two times more nai) but still, these union-wallahs create problems from time to time.

Trade unions in Nepal are just another sister organization of a political party and our netas only use them workers as participants in them political rallies. If the employer, especially the big industry wallahs pay off the trade union leader then he or she will do nothing to help the workers kya.

I think our trade union wallahs really don't understand that if they keep on closing them industries and only ask for better pay and benefits while the employer is barely making his loan payments ... then ... one day , them factories shut down and the workers will either have to go to the Middle East or find another low-paying job feri!

Surya Nepal Garments ko pani story tyehi nai ho. Most of them workers were women but them union leaders chahi jahiley pani 'men' nai hooncha. They closed down their factory and them employees are now out of jobs. They got some compensation package kyaaruh but now what will them women do?

Them union netas haroo lai baal mawt-lob ... they will just move to another factory and start the same natak again. Gather them workers, form a union and they will act like they are fighting for them workers' rights but at the end of the day, them union wallahs are there to extort from them businesses and exploit them workers for their 'political' interest!

And where does all them voluntary donations from them business go? Our political parties spend millions of dollars every year, organizing them so-called 'conference', tea parties and training programs for their cadres. And you need some dough to organize them events and all them sponsorships come from our byaparis and even small business owners and local school teachers pani.

I think it would be better if our political parties built new schools, hospitals or even started their own factories or small businesses kya.

And they can hire their own cadres and run them businesses ni baroo. Ani jahiley pani aroo lai lootey-ruh khaa-noo tuh pardai naw ni.

And now our comrades are acting like they did us a big favor by signing them trade agreement with the Desis. A year ago, our comrades burned down them office buildings of some Indian company working in some hydroproject in some gaun saun. Why? Well, it was a billion dollar project rey and our great communists had asked for some 'chiya kharcha'.... kati bhaney ni.... 70 crores rey.. 10 million dollars jati!

I don't think nobody will invest in our country until our Maoists, Madeshi and other nautanki trade unions stop acting like mobsters kya. Baroo, when the business starts making a profit then fight with the employers to give them employees some of it ni.. hoinuh ruh?

I think our workers should also realize that without them business-wallahs, there will be no jobs for them kya. If they want a permanent, nice cozy job then they should ask their trade union leaders to get them some sarkari jaagir, where you don't need to work and you still get paid and you will never be fired.

Trade unions in Nepal don't really care about them workers. Them union leaders are only interested to raise funds for their 'mother' party so that one day, he or she will get into them 'main' committees and be a thulo neta or neti-ni.

Look at Shalik Ram Jamarkattel, the 'Mao Inc' ko trade union ko leader. He is worth around 100 croroes rey. Well, he was attacked recently by his own comrades (from a different faction) but he still runs the show kya.

Our great Maoists were anti-gambling and anti-drinking and what not when they first started out ... but I guess they are no longer the naive gaunleys with their silly '40 point' demand semand kya.

They are now city slickers... and all them casino workers are now members of the Maoist trade union and they even have bought out some owners (voluntarily.. hehe) and are running them casinos themselves.

What's next? They can start their own breweries and even get into the 'Whiskey' business hola. All dance bars in the valley pay 'weekly' hafta to them YCLs and other Maoist organizations.

And we all thought our comrades were fighting for the people hagi. No they were not and they won't be doing that in the future either. They only want a few more Rupees and they really don't care if our folks lose their homes, gambling at them casinos or if them women are being exploited at them dance bars etiyaadi.

Them employers need them workers. And if the business doesn't survive then both of them will lose ni.... euta ko tuh ghar shar nai janey bhayo bank ko loan ley.. ani majdoor ko ghar baar chal-daina if they are out of jobs ni.

Yes, we do need them trade unions to fight for them workers but our political parties and their unions are not really helping them workers ... baroo ulto exploit gari raakho chan.

And them union netas better change their 'All business owners are chors and need to be extorted' attitude... because someday, all them factories and even them small businesses will all close down and there will be no one to extort kya.


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