Thursday, November 3, 2011

Change 'Nepal'...

Today's topic chai ali gaaro rahecha... hehe! 'Saga Inspired' asked me to write about '10 things that needs to be changed to really "change" Nepal' .... it's probably hard to come with the top 10 list like David Letterman does every night. So, I will just wander off like I do always.. hehe!

I think the first thing that needs to be changed is how our government works. Kay bhancha ni.... reform see-form. Accountability, transparency etiyaadi kya.

Our civil servants act like masters and the common citizens who pay their taxes get nothing in return kya. I seriously thought that the Maoists would really change Nepal.

We had seen the monarchy, the morons (so-called democracy wallahs) and we were left to see how the Maoists would run the country. So far, they have been a huge disappointment. Instead of hanging them corrupt and chors, they have partnered with the ghoos-khoris and have had fun looting the national coffer, more than any other political parties in Nepal nai hola!

Our netas come from the school of dhoonga-haaning'. They only know how to protest not how to govern. They only know how to burn tyres and hold 'masal' joo-loos (torch rallies) and really don't care if you need to be somewhere ... they just do bandhs to protest against the current regime and it only makes our lives miserable kya.

I have been trying to think about the 10 things that need to be changed to change Nepal. I am sorry if I can't come up with the 10 things hai.

We tend to blame our netas and our netas blame India for everything. I think it's about tyam we blamed ourselves for all the mess we are in.

Noodles prices went up by 20%. Public transportation pani abuh 10% lay increase bhayo. This is a country where them juice prices go up by 75% and raksi ko only 11% and we just whine and bitch kya.

Look at them Desis, If the Indian government raises them onion prices by a rupee... then all hell will break loose!

We have to stand up for our rights. We have the right to make an honest living. We have the right to go wherever we want and not be obstructed by joo-loos, chakka jaams and Bandhs. We got rid of the 'Shree Tins' ... and we left it to the Pancheys to screw us again. We got rid of the Pancheys and we got ourselves them so-called 'Democracy' wallahs and what did they do? Screwed us again!

Now, we are a republic and we have got them Maoists and the Madeshi netas to fix things up and what are they doing... they are busy screwing us over again.. hehe!

When will this end? I don't know. The recent 'Seven-Point' agreement seems to be the answer to all our problems rey. That's what our media wallahs are saying.... well, we will be spending 10 billion Rupees to pay off our PLA combatants .. paisa chahi kaha batuh liyeruh auney ni.. tyehi bideshi donor lai bhig maagney tuh hola ni!

There are so many things that really need to be changed to really change Nepal. And my guffs might go on forever .. so I don't want to do that.. hehe!

We don't need an army (neither PLA nor NA!) or a room full of stupid netas to change Nepal. If we go back and read them history books... it takes only one individual, one leader or leader-ni who has the courage and the determination to lead his or her people out of whatever mess they were in kya.

Look at Lincoln or even Golda Meir or Lee Kuan Yew... (add more if you majored in History hehe!)... one person .. one strong leader and then we are on the right track... I feel sorry for Prachanda!

Yes, we should give all them credit to the Maoists for bringing us here but when it mattered the most, they screwed up and like late Girija screwing it up before, Prachanda has screwed up too.

Abuh tuh... we will only face hundreds of coalition governments in the next twenty years and we will be stuck... unless one man or woman wakes up and smells the Bagmati river and decides to change Nepal for the better kya!

But until our savior arrives... we might do with two things hola. First ma chahi, we need to make our political parties accountable and transparent kya.

The Amrikis haroo ko politics ma chahi... you can find the names of them political campaign contributors and you can also get information of all them contractors who have received federal funding for them kaam saam kya... like them websites like and

Check it out hai and you get the rough idea ni... hope Baburam dai does come up with something like this and make our netas , sarkari hakims and contractors show us them hisab kitab kya!

And if the comrades think them 'British' eeystle ko system doesn't work then let's go for the 'Amriki' one... One President , every four years, we can have them congress and the senate ni. At least we won't have them 'new' sarkar every 6 months kya!

At least it would be fun watching them 'Presidential debates' ni... so far, I have only seen Prachandoo cracking jokes and talking BS about his political opponents. I think he should join the 'Desi Comedy Circus' baroo!

Ani aroo neta haroo ko taal pani tyestai ho. Narayan Kazi is probably the only guy who knows how to speak hola. Dr. Saheb pani hawd-bada-yeruh bolcha kya! So don't be surprised if the other guy from 'Gorkha' becomes our next Prime-Minister hehe!


"When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country.

But it, too, seemed immovable.

As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

And now, as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family.

From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country, and who knows, I may have even changed the world."


  1. :) Change starts from ourselves and it is more than 10 or 100 of things that is required. Thanks for the post. Something in line with the power of one person I had written some time back. ( wanting to have some Nepali face in it.

    And lastly, it is saga inspired :)

  2. i agree with sagainspired (for some reason it reminds me to twilight saga)" change starts within ourselves. i think its about time we change our perspective about how we view things!
    oh n yes i think in this guffadi u did wandered off, thought i forgot counting:)