Monday, November 28, 2011

NRNs and Nepal...

Today, I will be guffing about 'Obligations of NRNs to Nepal' as suggested by Amy!

I will try not to wander off like I do every now and then... so I will try to give my answers to Amy's questions hai.

Due to lack of opportunities in Nepal, huge numbers of young Nepalis find work overseas and end up settling there permanently. What are the obligations of those expats to Nepal?

We have to thank our netas, civil servants and them dalals for screwing it up for the rest of us! Every year, half a million folks leave Nepal for them foreign lands so that they can make a few more Dinars, Ringgits and if some of them are lucky then Dollars and Euros pani.

Some go for higher education, some migrate to them commonwealth countries and dherai jaso tuh Middle East ma nai janey ho 10,000 rupaiya ko kaam garnaw. While our netas and their chamchas make millions here.... our young ones have to pay them human traffickers 1-2 lakh to go to them Arab nations!

Obligations ko kura garda, I just don't understand why some NRNs (Nepali ma residing Nepalis) hehe... think that the other NRNs (Non-Resident Nepalis) are traitors or opportunists or don't have the right to bitch, whine, worry about Nepal!

Like that song from 1974 AD, 'Mun tuh mero Nepali Ho!' .... we all have obligations in some ways to do something for our country. Our netas and civil servants think all NRNs have like boras of Dollars and think of ways to con them ... hehe... by asking them to invest in Nepal.

And if they do, then they will have to deal with all them beaureacratic hassles, political pressures thanks to them trade unions and what not. If our so-called leaders had them vision ki kay bhancha ni... then they would have asked our 3 million NRNs to send home 10 dollars a day and maybe invest it in them hydropower, bato ghato etiyaadi. 360 million US$ is not pocket change ni!

I think all them NRNs should first take care of their families and maybe donate a dollar to Help Nepal Network hola! And I hear there are other NGOs now working in rural areas like HNN... you don't have to give them your month's paycheck... maybe 10 dollars a month will do!

Should they bring their family members to their new country and strengthen the NRN community?

Yes, after all... you can't live alone ni. You need your family to share you dookhaw-sookhaw! And at the same time, your income also goes up when both of you start working! And then you can save some and maybe buy a house or save it for your kids haroo ko college education!

Should they plan to return to Nepal someday to teach the next generation?

At the end of the day, all NRNs would love to come back and yes, our NRNs should return home and they could share their knowledge with the young ones. But our government and them netas need to learn a thing or two from South Korea or Israel or them nations who decided to ask their folks to come back home and help their countries kya.

We are Nepalis.. our chor-netas and them corrupt civil servants get all them respect ... for what? Looting the national coffer and asking bribes from byaparis to common citizens... and while us, the hardworking, law-abiding citizens have to either just stay here and hope for a better future or run away to foreign lands where everybody gets a second chance and can make a decent living if they work hard and don't gamble, drink and start buying designer clothes hehe!

Should they have their kids do some of their schooling in Nepal to make sure they understand what it means to be Nepali?

A friend of mine used to send his kid to Nepal every summer. The kid would stay with his grandparents and learn the 'Nepali' way. Of course, he got bullied by his cousins when he first visited Nepal.... but after a month or two ... he became a 'pakka' Nepali .. .hehe!

The kid is now 11 years old.... he still comes back once every two years maa... but he speaks Nepali fluently and his cousins can't bully him or make fun of the 'Amrikan' bhanja babu.. hehe!

I think NRN parents should speak 'Nepali' to their kids. Angrezi or Dutch or French (wherever you are) .. tyee tuh uni haroo ko school ruh yeta oota siki halcha ni! And also take them along to them NRN events like Dashain and stuff... so he or she does know something about 'Nepali' culture kya!

So instead of sending them to schools here... a summer vacation... every two or three years will do. It won't put a dent in your finances pani.. and while the parents are visiting their relatives and eating khasi and playing 'marriage' hehe... .the kids can learn 'Nepali', eat with their hands and watch Tito Satya and get used to the 'Nepali' way!

I hope my answers were okay... have not been able to update my blog posts due to work swork, health issues (I should stop eating out... hehe!) anyways I will try to write more often hai.

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