Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back to Work....

Dashain is over and it's back to work for most of us except our netas. Sujata auntie thinks that the Nepali Congress should join the government if it brings this peace process to a closure rey. Wow... finally, Sujata auntie either stopped drinking or she really wants to be a mantri-ni so that she can go shopping at the taxpayers' expense hola ni.

Madhav Kumar Nepal (MaKuNe) , our former prime-monster invited the other former PMs for dinner rey. He wants to form a former 'PMs' club. Good job Makune... you created history by becoming one of the few prime ministers in the world who got the job without even getting elected. I think that only happened during the 'Rana' regime but well.. our netas are the new 'Shree Tins' ni!

Our prayers for the Dahal family. Yes, I make fun of our Prachandoo sarkar and his 'Dalal' nataks but today is a sad day for him. His father passed away. He was a simple old man who moved from the hills to the plains and did some farming sarming kyaaruh.

He must have been proud when Prachandoo became our first PM after the CA elections. I hope Prachandoo will make his late father proud by wrapping things up rather than just getting discounts at the resorts kya.

Our current PM, Baburam dai is planning to set up a 24 hr control room rey. The PM's office will look after this new hotline thing. It will deal with our complaints rey. Baroo.. instead of making our sarkaari hakims work over-tyam ... why not set up another ministry kya?

We can have a 'Ministry of Complaints' and since Mohan Baidya is suffering from piles or something... we can ask him to be the new 'Complaint' mantri ni... hehe!

Yes, this control room thing is a cool idea but I wish our netas tried to reform the system rather than just add them new 'features' which will be disabled once Baburam dai is out of Baluwatar kya.

If you call them cops and report them crime srime.... they either show up late or show up drunk. So instead of calling this control room, why not have a better system at them police stations kya. We can ask our 'call center' wallahs to set it up and maybe their staff can train our police-wallahs ni.

And instead of having 14 cops kocha-koach in a van.. why not give all of them electric mopeds... at least fuel suel tuh baccha ni. And maybe then they can be at the crime scene sooner than getting ready for the gaadi to warm up or something!

Our sarkari hakims tell us that this 'control room' will be ready before Tihar and the citizens can call them or if you still have a fax machine at home then you can also use that rey... or you can either text them or just send an email.

So what kind of complaints are we talking about? Any problems rey... from accidents to crime srime, your neighbors having a party at 2 am in the morning or some drunk pissing right in front of your gate or something.

And then the control room wallah will call them cops or whoever hola ni.... I don't know if that will really save time or if your SMS is like a day late (thank you NTC) then you might see them cops at your door a week later hola ni.. hehe!

Since it will be a 24-hr thing, our government employees will be working in them 3 shifts. I hope it's not like that NTC and NEA ko support wallahs who never pick up the phone during after hours kya because they are busy sleeping.

Anyways, welcome back everyone... if you are unemployed then of course nothing to worry about but for the rest of us ... it's back to work and hope this tyam, our netas will actually finish their homework rather than just waiting for the tuition-master from Delhi to teach them new theorems kya.... hehe!