Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Night RAW...

I am not talking about them World Wrestling ko Monday Night RAW thing ni feri. The last tyam I watched them 'funny wrestling' was back when Andre the Giant was still alive kya.

Our comrade 'Badal' (also lover of our didi, Pampha Bhusal) tells us that our chairman, Prachandoo is actually a RAW agent rey. Yes, we all know that kya. Them desis are not stupid ni... all them tyam, Prachandoo was hiding in India and sleeping with them RAW agents while Gajurel and Baidya were arrested by the Indian Police and enjoyed them roti and sabji at them desi jails kya.

And our Dr. Saheb is greeted with black flags by his own comrades....(well, they happen to belong to a different faction ni). The last tyam them comrades waved them black flags was back when Rakesh Sood was the Indian Ambassador. Sood is now somewhere in France, enjoying them fashion shows, truffles and caviar hola ni.

I think someone needs to tell our communists that they should be waving their red bandanas instead ni.... abuh kalo looga ko pani market khaney bichar cha ki kya ho?

Our netas are never happy. Baburam did try his best to make them Desis happy. He signed them BIPA thing with them Indians. Mr. Bijukhche, the 'King' of Bhaktapur thinks that this trade agreement will now make it easier for them Indian army to come to Nepal rey.

I think our netas know how to protest and that's it. If you are not happy then why not do your protest rallies before Dr. Saheb signed the deal kya?

I think it's about tyam, our netas stopped blaming India for everything. Baroo... if you are so patriotic then invade India ni. Baidya would be the first one in line to start the 'war' hola ni. How come our comrades are not helping our folks who get harassed at the Indian border? Why are our comrades not hanging them human traffickers who sell our sisters to them Indian brothels?

Cha-hiney kura garnoo chaina... jahiley pani nautanki natak garyo, basyo... daka haroo!

Armed Police Force (APF) is 11 today. Happy Birthday to our so-called (army) police. They were quite disciplined before but since they started guarding our borders and them foreign embassies.. they have slowly become like our 'Nepal' Police kyaaruh.

Our APF wallahs have now learned them tricks kya. They harass our own people at them borders and ask for chiya kharcha etiyaadi. And the ones guarding them embassies and INGOs need to understand that this is our country and we have the right to stop and stare at them big walls of them foreign embassies.

You don't have the right to blow your whistles and threaten us with bodily harm if we like to chat with a friend in front of them embassy gates ni. Hami lay kawr tirey ko paisa lay taw-lab khaney ani hami lai nai thok-nay .. kya mazza hagi.

APF ko kura garda.. I still remember the former IGP, Krishna Mohan Shrestha and his wife who were gunned down by our Mao-buddies. I hope someday Prachandoo uncle will apologize to the late IGP's daughters. How come none of them so-called netas were hurt during them "People's War" kya?

If the Mao-buddies were so anti-monarchy then why is Gyanu uncle still getting them free security and fuel and what not? If our comrades were so 'desh-bhakta' then why are they making deals with the Desis ni?

Yestai ho ... rajniti bhanchan.... baroo I think we can do without our politicians... baroo let's send a thousand people to get some 'referee training' from FIFA and every time somebody commits a crime, be it murder or ghoos-khaa-ying then he or she can show them red cards and ban them for not a game but for a decade ni...

Sabai chor haroo lai desh nee-kaa-laa gardim naw... ki kaso? I think we have almost seen it all. We have seen the raja-badis, the so-called prajantantra-badis and the mao-badis... but all of them were kha-o-badis... now we need someone who is on a diet hola ni!

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