Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaddafi is dead.....

Gaddafi should have taken my advice hola... if he had only moved to Milan and opened a fashion boutique or something then he would still be alive today ni. Lau... Gaddafi is finally dead ... and we have lost one of the world's most outlandish dictator ever..

Ronnie dai (tyeti bela ko Amriki President) did try to kill him once.... Gaddafi was lucky then but finally, after 42 years of designing his own dresses and editing his 'Green Book', the great self-proclaimed chess grandmaster is dead.

The Chinese have like 20 something billion dollars invested in Libya and they are calling for an 'inclusive' transition rey. Yes, the Chinese are very inclusive kya.... we have seen how they treat their minorities ni. But like everyone else... they do want a piece of the pie because now it will be the Euro-trash and Amriki cowboys making billions ni.

Them Amrikis and their Euro-trash friends made deals with Saddam ... ani pachi they got rid of him. Obama will pull out all them Amriki soldiers from Iraq by the end of this year rey. But Iraq ruh Afghanistan ma arko 10-20 barsa tyestai daang doong nai hoonay ho kya.

The problem with them countries chahi.... tyehi tribal leaders, war lords ruling their own little kingdoms ni... ani Amriki democracy won't work there ki kaso.

Libya has them oil soil.... so does Iraq and Afghanistan ma tuh khoi... opium bahek kay paucha tha-ha bhayenuh malai! But when you have been ruled by jackasses for so long .... it's pretty difficult to change overnight ni.

We had 100+ years of 'Rana' party and our netas are still acting like Ranas kya. Nothing against my 'Rana' friends... but it's been 60+ years and we still have the 'Hukumi Saa-Shun' ni... even our Mao-buddies turned out to be jhan daka than the previous clowns kya.

Now, them Amriki analysts tell us that Syria ko paalo rey. Khoi... Gaddafi became a friend of the Amrikis when he decided to abandon his 'Nukie' plans... and his infatuation with Condi didi and his love letter to Obama didn't help hagi.

So the moral of the story is .... just because you shook hands with the Amriki doesn't mean he's going to invest in your gau ko jagga. Even if he does then he will probably buy your so-called organic stuff for 10 cents and then make 10 dollars from it kya...hehe!

Amrika is a great country but them foreign policies natak chahi... it's all about their national interest rey.... so they will help you fight their so-called enemies or give them your oil soil but when you are in the hot seat then they will turn their back and then you get shot in the head!

Yes, Saddam, Gaddafi and even Mubarak.... them jackasses ruled their countries like them kings, who once ruled in them places... but they forgot to leave before it was too late hola. Mubarak is smoking hookah but poor Saddam and Gaddafi... one was arrested in his undies, chomping on Mars and drinking 7up kyaaruh and then he got hanged.... ani our fashion designer chahi.... he didn't even have time to clean up .... he got shot in the head before he could go on a rant!

Them Libyans (well most of them) are happy... we too were happy when we got rid of the 'Rana Saashun', when we got rid of 'Panchey Baja' and when we became a 'Republic' .... abuh tuh, all we need is them Prozac hola ni.

Baburam dai is busy, chatting and eating chaat saat hola. And Prachandoo dada is now in Nagarkot. I think Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) should ask our comrade chairman to write about his visits to them resorts here and there kya. And them tourists can visit them places.. maybe all them resorts should market them rooms ni... like ... 'the chairman slept here' or something like that!


  1. wen i first got this news..
    I misheard Guffadi! and it was u who came to my mind.. LoL
    soorry! ;P

  2. @dongala..hehe... Guffadi is still here..