Friday, October 28, 2011


Today is 'Bhai Tika' and the auspicious hour for offering tika chahi 11:55am rey. But don't worry, we have come a long way and our priests don't eat fruits and yogurt anymore... they are more into momocha and whiskey ko chuski kya.

It's okay to receive tika from your sisters throughout the day and our Gods won't be pissed off. I think it's about tyam our Hindu priests stop discriminating against 'thulo' dais ni.

It's probably a little odd for a 'Daju' to call up his sister from Australia and wish her happy 'Bhai Tika' ... baroo, abuh dekhi 'Daju Bhai Tika' bhan-dim naw!

If you don't know them story behind Bhai Tika then let me refresh your memory hai. Today is the day, Yamuna invited her brother, Lord Yamaraj (yes similar to Lord Voldemort for our kids.... hehe!) for a special khana, tika and gifts.

Yamu dai was always busy kya and he never had tyam to hang out with his sister rey. Ani tyes din pachi, all sisters offered tika to their brothers rey. I have been known to dish out inaccurate information, so don't go around quoting me ni feri .... if you are writing some college paper!

And for those who don't have sisters or brothers, Rani Pokhari is open all day (the only day!) for worship sworship .. but most of us do have bros and sis .... ragat lay naw-bhaye pani maya lay banako ni.

Today, I would like to thank my four sisters for being such wonderful didi bahinis. My eldest sister is in London. Ani thulo didi #2 is with me here in Nepal. Thulo bahini is in the SAARC region (cannot disclose location due to her work as a combat engineer) and my sano bahini is doing her MD in chimeki land.

I want to thank my parents for giving a starting five ko lineup for a basketball game hehe! My father used to run them cross country stuff and play basketball when he was in his 20s.

We all got them same jeans (hehe).... whenever my bahinis are in town, we go to the local basketball court to play and they are very good. I used to be a 3 point specialist tyeti bela.. abuh tuh I even suck when I play them 'Donkey' stuff hehe!

My parents complain that I am the least communicative one... but I am working on it. I now use this great stuff called 'Skype' hehe and do reply to all them 'family' emails.

My parents are now senior citizens and even I am known as 'Uncle' in my neighborhood .... waah... come a long way from 'Ye Pucche' to 'Bro' to 'Dai' to 'Uncle'... hehe!

Anyways, wishing all my sisters happiness and love and hope that I will be the brother they can be proud of... ahiley samma tuh khaas kehi lacchan dekhya chaina.. hehe... but I am getting there hola!

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