Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dogs & Crows...

Today is the festival of dogs ani crows pani (ekai din parecha hagi!).... so hope our 'birdman' Gautam Sapkota did his 'Annual Crow Festival' thing this year as well. I know the birdman very well because I sponsored his 'Crow Festival' for the last two years... hehe!

We did the '2008' one at Balkumari, Lalitpur and then arko choti chai, it was inside Narayanhiti, Ministry of Foreign Affairs vitra. Dhukhur bhai (that's what I call him), is also known as 'Chari Dada' and he had invited Sujata auntie to be the chief guest then.

I really don't like Sujata auntie so instead of sitting with her, I went to the back and enjoyed the 'Crow' show. Gautam bhai really wants to get a certificate from the Guinness people but it's not like them other records where you read for 120 hours or juggle 58 golf balls for 59 seconds etiyaadi.

So it's pretty tough for the Guinness wallahs hola... he tells me that he can do them bird sounds.. tyo pani 150+ rey... hope someday he will be on some Amriki cable channel and gets to hang out with them Kuire celebrities kya and make tons of dollars!

Last year, I was busy with other stuff so we really couldn't find tyam to do the event but this year chahi, I hear some club is helping him with the event!

The man has skills but since he is not affiliated to any political parties, none of our netas are interested to help him kya. Even Sujata auntie doled out millions of Rupees to her chamchas but she gave nothing to our birdman! She promised to help him rey but then she backed out .... I think arko choti chahi he should do some mimicry of Sujata auntie instead!

This year, I have not been well .. health pani wealth pani hehe... so I backed out of sponsoring his event. I feel sorry for him. I should have at least sponsored the flex board or sound system hola. Maybe arko barsa chahi.... I will try to help him with some dineros!

It's easy to get sponsors for dance parties and music festivals and what not. You can always rely either on them 'Surya' or 'Raksi' wallahs to fund your event but finding sponsors for Dhukur Bhai's 'Crow Festival' was always a problem. So I pitched in then ... arko choti chahi... let's all contribute and fund his event hai!

I hear he's got new folks to help him out with the event this year. Hope someday, our birdman will be appreciated for his skills. Right now, he goes to them schools and does his presentation and stuff. That's how he is surviving .... and he once threatened to invite all them crows to our international airport and disrupt them flights hehe!

He also plans to do the 'crow' thing @ BICC ... maybe he should do that when our netas are all walking inside the CA Hall.. maybe ask them crows to shit on our great politicians pani... hehe!

Today is also 'Kukur' puja... tyam to feed your dogs (well) hola ni. A year ago, I adopted a stray dog... couldn't come up with a cool name, so named him 'Brownie' ... but had to put him to sleep because all them medications didn't help him recover. Now, I have another dog, Dorax.. adopted him because the kids from the Tibetan Home had too many dogs and wanted to give him away rey.

I am not into them 'foreign' dogs like most of my friends. A stray or a local will do.... Dorax will be with me for a long tyam... hope so... and I had 'Jackie' for like 10 years before he passed away. I like dogs more than cats or even crows.... and every morning, I talk with Dorax for 5 minutes .. ... he listens very well... but of course he never replies but he only wants me to play with his tummy.. hehe!

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