Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goddess of Wealth....

Today is 'Laxmi Puja' ... Hindus pray to Goddess Laxmi so that they can be wealthy rey. Well, living in Kathmandu will neither make you healthy or wealthy unless you are one of them chor netas, chor byaparis or chor civil servants.

Hami common citizens haroo tuh ... we only get pollution, frustration and inflation lay jahiley pani dhaad nai bhaach-ney kya.

And our country's trade deficit for this year chahi.. around 333 billion Rupees rey. That's like nearly 4+ billion Amriki dollars! I guess Goddess Laxmi has only been kind to our Desi bhais hagi.

Hamro trade deficit with them Desis chahi around 216 billion Rupees... and Dumpling bhais make 45 billion Rupees more from them 'Khasa' jackets and what not .. they sell to us ni.

We now import nearly everything... when it comes to our food kya. Kathmandu ko jagga ma tuh abuh ghar bahek kehi chaina. Even them Terai ko jagga ma plotting slotting eityaadi.

And when we get them 'seeds' from the Amriki company then we will be left with nothing... ani tyeti bela chahi... maybe we will import banners and placards (from China) to protest against them 'seed' wallahs hola ni.

Abuh tuh... we, Kathmanduites should start our own veggie garden, afnai ghar ko chawt maathi.. because our food prices increase every year and soon, we won't be able to afford a kg of tomato for our achar or aloo for some aloo dum.

I think we should all go to Israel and learn how to grow them veggies ... they do it even in them desert rey... abuh hami chahi bato ma nai tamatar pha-laam naw!

We spent like a billion dollars just to buy them fuel suel from India. Everybody has a motorbike now and nearly all middle class folks want to buy a second hand Santro or tyo i10, i20 gaadi saadi hehe!

Abuh electric gaadi, bike chalau bhaney pani batti nai chaina.... I think it's about tyam we all started walking and save our money. We won't be wealthy but at least we will be healthy hola ni.

The Kathmandu District Office has banned them Deusi Bhailo program after 12 am rey. Oh.. thank you guys.... them Dance bars can open till 2am but our youngsters will have to stop playing their baaja by midnight kya.

Deusi Bhailo tuh .. it's only for a few days ni .. while our dance bars continue to disturb the neighborhood and exploit them women and rip off jhallu (mosty jagga dalals and chor) customers who end up paying a thousand rupees for a can of Red Bull rey.

A few months ago, my aunt was in Alka Hospital, Jawlakhel. I went to visit her around 8pm and I could hear all them Dohori songs from a 'Dohori' restaurant nearby.

Well, if you enjoy 'Dohori' then that's fine hola but if you are recovering from a surgery then you don't want to be enjoying them loud music ni.

Khoi... I have no idea how our municipality wallahs think but them dance bars make tons of money and they pay off our cops, civil servants and them dons ni.... ani hami tuh choop chaap basney tuh ho ni!

Anyways, Hope all of you are having fun this Tihar. May Goddess Laxmi be happy with you and may you get the government tender sender this year or get some funds from your mantri or hakim saheb so that you too can buy a second hand gaadi and contribute to our trade deficit with India ... hehe!


  1. VERY WELL SAID: "Well, living in Kathmandu will neither make you healthy or wealthy unless you are one of them chor netas, chor byaparis or chor civil servants."

    P.S. Guffadi, love all ur articles..ur msg passes to the readers in a Satirical way..and that's the only way; we can express our frustration over things going over here.