Sunday, October 16, 2011

Highway Accidents...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the recent bus accident in Sindhuli. 41 folks died when them bus plunged down the cliff and 15 other injured rey. It's really sad news hagi.

Every year, hundreds of folks are killed due to them bus drivers driving like crazy and I have yet to understand ... why are them drivers in such a hurry? Ek jana ko natak lay kati jana marnoo parney ni?

During the Dashain tyam, our traffic wallahs let them bus companies pack folks like sardines inside, and more folks even on the roof and when accidents like this happen then it should wake up our government and even the bus-wallahs kya.

But them bus-wallahs either pay off them victims' families and the government just doesn't care because them transport companies are big donors to our political parties nai. And even if the sarkari hakim instructs his fellow workers to monitor them vehicles, them union wallahs act like they own them highways kya.

Our netas don't care.... they don't really use them buses to travel to their gaun saun ni. They either ask some ministry to send them a vehicle or call up them airlines (tyo pani last minute ma) and demand a seat kya.

Abuh tuh we have to hold them bus companies responsible and they should hire professional drivers and ask them to be more careful kya. If the driver saheb wants to find out if the bus can really fly over the cliff then he should try it out when he is alone in the vehicle ni.

There were several signs bato ma.. warning them bus-wallahs not to carry passengers over their capacity and not to speed like crazy but I guess either our bus drivers really can't read them signs (then at least make it mandatory for them to memorize them signs and take a test if they want to get them license ni!) or if they speed like crazy then they should be fined ek barsa ko taw-lob nai.

The reason our business-wallahs don't give a damn about them consumers ... chahi ... our fines and stuff ati nai kamti kya. Yo 'New' Nepal ma .... we still have them laws from the 'Old' Nepal and no one is interested to increase them fine sine... baroo let's introduce caning and badi fine like Singapore ni.

Desh lai tuh Singapore banau-naw sakey nuh taruh at least Singapore jastai euta Durian MRT ma khayo bhaney 5,000 dollar fine bhanya jastai, sadeko Gudpak bechnay lai Rs 250,000 hajar fine (tyo pani per packet) garey hooncha ni.

If you sell adulterated stuff... kati nai fine cha... 5,000 - 10,000 Rupees... that's like a pocket change for a guy who has sold a million packets of (adulterated milk) and made crores ni... hoinuh ruh?

And our Kangaroos (Nepali Congress) has demanded that the government investigate and provide relief to them victims' families rey. Ani our PM, Dr. Saheb has also directed them ministry-wallahs to investigate the cause of the accident rey.

Yes, we have all kinds of commission to investigate everything from them highway accidents, Sudan scam, plane crashed and what not..... and at the end of the day..... we forget them report seport and don't even follow the suggestions given by them experts.

We do have them crazy roads but if only our drivers maintained the speed limit then we could prevent a lot of them accidents ni. Even them accidents in the valley where them big buses hit them pedestrians ..... the main reason is over-speeding and trying to overtake and race with the other driver ni.

So just making them bus companies pay compensation to them victims' families and letting them drivers go home and drive another day will not really solve them problems.

And I don't know who really came up with this idea of burning any vehicle that gets into an accident kya... how did we turn into wild animals? Nepal ma chahi khoi kay taal ko natak ho... the bigger vehicle is always to blame even if the other 'sano' vehicle was at fault kya.

So if a truck hits a micro then truck ko fault, if the micro hits a motorcycle then micro ko fault rey... you get the idea ni.... and even when we have them fuel shortages, there will be one jackass who has a jerkin of petrol ready just in case there is an accident and he wants to burn a vehicle kya.

And how come our traffic wallahs don't even want to investigate but instead ask both parties to find a solution and come back to the police station to sign them agreement etiyaadi?

Maybe our traffic wallahs should ask our netas to do the same hagi... instead of just wasting our time and money with this CA natak... why don't these buffoons all go to Rolpa for a month or two (trekking pani hoonay, camping pani!) and come back when they have figured out everything that needs to be written in them constitution kya!

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