Thursday, October 13, 2011

NRN Global Conference...

The NRNs (Non-Resident Nepalis) are here and Baburam dai decided to cut them ribbon sibbon and lighted some fire to inaugurate them 5th NRN Global Conference.

Dr. Saheb requested them NRNs to invest some dough here in Nepal and use their skills they have learned in them foreign lands.

Dr. Saheb also told them NRNs that the government wants foreign investment and he would do everything possible to make sure that their investment is safe etiyaadi. I guess he forgot to tell them about the unions hehe!

The NRNs want dual citizenship kyaaruh. So far our government is just interested to give them some ID and they can buy them jagga sagga, ghar shar rey. Everything is for sale here in Nepal.. so if you want your nagarikta back then just give your jilla ko CDO a big khasi (of course better stuff it with dollars or Euros hehe!).

The NRNs will also elect their president and like every other Nepali organizations, tyeha pani politics, khutta-taaning hooncha kya. Dr. Upendra Mahato is like the face of NRNA (NRN ko association) ... he is probably the only bloke who had the brains to make deals with them Russian byaparis.

I don't think one can make bilions of Rupees just by selling them radios and TVs like Upendra dai did in them former Soviet Union... but I may be wrong, maybe he sold a million of them hola ni.

Upendra dai now has his dough in them banks, hospitals , telecom and what not... I hear he also did dole out crores to our political parties rey. He was planning to build a medical college in Nakkhu and bought like hundreds or ropanis of land kyaaruh.

I have no idea what happened but I guess he doesn't want a medical school there anymore. But if you need some loans then head to Sanima bank or Standard Finance. If you want to get a surgery then head to Medicare hospital hola. This man has investment everywhere hagi. If you use Ncell then he also gets a paisa for every call kya.

And he must have given a gift or something to the local VDC secretary because uha ko ghar janey bato ko naam nai 'Mahato Marg' ... yes, if you drive up from Nakkhu and make a right then you will get to Mahato Marg hehe!

Anyways, hope the NRN conference will be a success but it's tyam someone came up with a NRN fund and asked our brothers and sisters working in foreign lands to invest some dinar and riyals in it.

I am not talking about a bunch of restauranteurs in UK or Japan kya.. but if we can get our 2 million folks working in them Arab and ASEAN countries and another 500,000 in Amrika, Europe ruh aroo desh haroo.. to invest like 10 dollars (800 Rupees) a month then in a year's time, they will have a quarter billion dollar to invest in some real big projects ni.

And talking about skills, yes opening the restaurants and running it is pretty tough but how come we are not getting them scientists and really geeky folks to contribute kya. Well, the guy who found an alien in Mars (or was it water?) will not get a job here unless he can find oil in Mustang or something hehe.

The guy who is doing his research in TB won't be asked to come here and help because the health mantri might ask him a few lakhs if he wants a government job. Our government can't even provide basic necessities to the people here.

Murderers don't go to jail.. they do chakka jaams and protest rallies instead and walk around like they just scored the game-winning goal in the World Cup or something. So why do our NRNs think that our netas and sarkaari hakims will really help them to find good investment opportunities here in Nepal?

I think instead of asking our government for some cash to organize their global conference and wasting money on all them nataks ... baroo ask every NRNs to invest in some NRN fund , ani tyo paisa lay chahi baroo hydro sydro, bato sato , airport sairport etiyaadi banau-nuh ma kharcha garey hooncha ni.

We should all be proud of our folks who went to them foreign lands and made it there. But they also have to understand that Nepal hasn't changed a bit. We still run on Nepali tyam, our netas and civil servants only want commissions.

Our trade unions want some pocket kharcha or else they will close down your factory and we don't have paani, batti, bato ghato .... maybe Upendra Mahato should ask his 'foreign friends' to invest in a paani company, ek dui wata naya highway and 10,000 MW ko hydroproject ni.

We won't mind drinking 'Mahato' bottled water (as long as it's safe to drink!) , we will probably enjoy driving 100 miles per hour on 'Mahato Highway' and maybe can travel from Kodari to KakarBhitta in less than seven hours and if we can get 24 hrs electricty then we will even change them words in our Nepali dictionary kya.

Yes, instead of saying 'Batti Ayo' whenever we get them batti... we will say, 'Mahato Ayo' ... or something like that... hehe!

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  1. i was really hopping something good will land in Nepal since Dr babu ram Bhattarai occupied the seat of PM but anything can happen in Nepal...but still hoping..